Tips and Tricks on What You Should Do When You Lose Your Passport during a Vacay

Passport is a very important document that can get you to your favorite destination. You have to keep your passport safe so you can go back to your hometown after you’re done with a trip. However, sometimes an unforeseen circumstance happens. You lost your passport while going on a vacay. Do you already know what to do if this happens?

In this circumstance, the first thing to do is not panic because doing that won’t solve the problem. Think clearly on what you can do in the middle of this situation. Here are some tips from tiket.com:

Follow These Steps t-mates!

Losing your passport may worry you. But, remember that this has happened to many people in the world and there are ways to solve it. Follow these steps below when you run into this situation:

1. Don’t Panic, Start Finding Your Passport


Try to look for your passport again inside your bags, luggage, inside your accommodation or anywhere else possible. Remember the last time you put it. Maybe your passport is not lost; you may just forget where you put it.

2. Find a local police station

If you are already sure that you lost your passport, go to the local police station in that country. File a report to the police why explaining the chronology of how it happened and where you lost it. 

Then, the police can help you make a report. You need to get this report before you can go to your country’s embassy to do the next step.

3. Contact your Country’s Embassy

Head over to your country’s embassy to give the police report. Tell the embassy about when you plan to leave the country. The people in the embassy will ask you to fill in several forms. They will help you to get a temporary emergency travel document.

One thing to note is that the embassy is not opened during public holidays and weekends. So, you may need to adjust your travel plans. Don’t worry, if you need a new plane ticket, you can always find one at tiket.com, a leading online travel agent in Indonesia.

5. Get an Emergency Passport


After you have filled in the application for a temporary passport, you need to prepare a list of things that need to be used to create a new emergency passport. Generally, the documents you need are passport picture, travel itinerary, national ID, evidence of your citizenship such as a birth certificate and the report regarding the stolen passport.

The process to issue an emergency passport may take some time depending on the embassy. You may need to pay for the new temporary passport.

6. Keep Your Temporary Passport Safe! 

Don’t lose your temporary passport again, t-mates! Keep it SAFE.

Also remember to avoid the same hassle in your next vacay. Losing your passport can be a traumatic experience. That’s why, always carry your passport in person if possible. Put in inside your bag and take it with you all the time. Leaving your passport inside the accommodation is not a good idea, especially if there isn’t a safety box inside the room.

Passport Safety Tips While on the Go

Having a passport is a wonderful thing because you can visit wonderful destinations around the globe. That’s why it is crucial to keep it safe all the time. Whether your passport is stolen, misplaced or wrecked, you can find the solution to all your problems by following the tips above.

Enjoy your vacation, and if you’re planning to travel together with your best friends, there are some luxurious destinations around the world such as Labuan Bajo and Raja Ampat. Pack your bags and go, t-mates!