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Here’s How to Make Passport for Your Kids, 2019 Update!

Any plans for an overseas holiday? If yes then it will certainly be fun, moreover if you’re planning to go with the family. Don’t forget that there are essential things you should prepare before you go, one of those is a passport.

We believe you have yours already, right? Now, how if you wanna go with your little sister and brother, or probably your own children? They’ll need to get a passport to as their legal travel document.

Easy-peasy lemon squeezy! Nothing much different from how to make an adult passport. Parents who want to make passport for their kids can go directly to the nearby Immigration Office.

Children passport is intended for children aged 0-17 years, unmarried, and don’t have their own ID card. Still confused about the steps? Here’s how to make passport for your kids easily.

A Guide on How to Make Children Passport, Simple and Fast

1. Prepare the Requirements

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Steps on how to make passport for your kids is actually very easy. However, there are documents that you need to prepare as the requirements requested by the immigration authorities. Find the requirements as listed below:

– Child birth certificate or baptism letter (original and A4 copy)

– Parents’ ID card (original and A4 copy)

– Family registry card (original and A4 copy)

– Marriage certificate or book

– Parents’ passport

– 6,000 IDR stamp (parents to sign)

There may be questions for some people, how if there’s no marriage book due to divorce? In that condition, the requirement of marriage book of both parents can be replaced by attaching a divorce document and parenting rights.

If child custody falls on the mother, then the documents that need to be attached are mother’s ID card and passport. Such condition applies similar if the custody falls to the father.

After preparing all of the requirements for making children passport, now let’s keep scrolling to read about how to make passport for your kids in 2019, t-mates!

2. Proceed to the Immigration Office with the Parents

The next thing to be considered in how to make children passport is the provision to come to the Immigration Office with parents. They must come to submit an application statement for making children passport, as well as to accompany the child during the interview.

Regarding the queue at the immigration, the staff usually enforces priority line regulations for children so you don’t have to worry about running out of quota for your kids!

However, if you’re in doubt, you can book an appointment to the Immigration Office through whatsapp or online. You can get the full information on its official website or social media.

3. Submit the Requirements, FIll in Personal Data & Statement Letter

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Submit the file that you have prepared with your child to the Immigration Office, fill in personal data form, then parents must sign the statement letter with 6,000 IDR stamp. If you have completed everything, it’ll be checked by the officer. All you need to do next is wait for the interview and photo for the passport.

4. Interview and Photo

This is the next step on how to make passport for your kids. What distinguishes between making passport for adults and children is that the provision of parents during interview and taking photos. Parents need to accompany the child when asked by the officer but no need to worry! The immigration officer is friendly and helpful. After the interview, your little one needs to take a passport photo.

If you intend to make electronic passport, biometric data will be collected by the officer, so make sure which passport you want to make.

When everything is finished, you’ll be given a passport retrieval letter. Easy and fast, right? Now let’s continue to the last step!

5. Make a Payment for Your Children Passport

Passport payment can be made via bank designated by the immigration authorities. You can ask the officer about your preferred payment method, be it through ATM transfer, bank transfer, or other payment methods.

If you pay by bank transfer, you have to bring children passport request form as a proof while doing the transaction. If you want to pay via ATM, you need to enter a payment code that’s informed to you during the passport making request.

Then, you probably wonder, how much does it cost? Basically, it’s just the same as adult passport which is about 355,000 IDR for 24-page passport and 655,000 IDR for 48-page passport.

Don’t forget to keep your payment proof to collect the children passport when it’s done!

6. Children Passport is Done!

After you have finished all the steps above, you’ll be informed of when the passport is ready to take at the Immigration Office. On the specified day, bring the proof of payment and the retrieval letter. Then, your child is ready to travel abroad!

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