How to Apply Indonesian Passport


How to Apply Indonesian Passport Online, the Easiest Way

How to Apply Indonesian Passport – Who doesn’t like or want to travel? Everybody seems to want to travel to some new places.

Maybe you can say that you are a loner, geek, don’t like to go outside. But when your brother is marrying someone, or your grandmother misses you during Eid, you will definitely go too.

Especially if you go abroad for vacation. Well, talking about going abroad, all you have to think about is not just to book cheap flight tickets, but applying for a passport is also very important.

Well, have you already know how to apply for a passport via online? Is it really that hard applying online? The answer is no. How to apply Indonesian passport online is the easiest way there is.

For those who want to go abroad but don’t have a passport, it’s good that you are preparing your passport from now. The problem is, whether you need it or not, eventually someday the passport will definitely be useful for you.

How to apply Indonesian passport is not as complicated as you imagine. If you are still confused about how to apply passport online, here are some of the easiest ways to apply passport via online that you must know in Indonesia. But beforehand, make sure all the requirements for applying passport have been completed.

Step by Step Applying Indonesian Passport Online

So, my friends, this is the easiest and fastest way to apply for Indonesian passport online. Check it out!

1. Get Your Online Passport Queue

How to Apply Indonesian Passport

The first step to apply for a passport is of course to get in line. How to get in queue does not require you to wait in line at the immigration office, you can just simply do that at your home.

All you have to do is ask for the queue number via the Whatsapp service from the immigration office near you. If you don’t know the Whatsapp number of the immigration office, you can search it up on the internet.

Besides by reaching the Whatsapp service number, you can also use the online passport queue app. By asking for a queue number for applying your passport online, you will know when you have to come to the immigration office. Remember, the quota for applying passports each day is limited, so you have to choose the right date to come to the immigration office, for example a week after you get a passport queue number.

2. Prepare All the Requirements

Before coming to the immigration office, you need to complete the requirements to apply for a passport online.

This is the second step on how to apply for a passport online. Make sure you have prepared some of the following requirements for applying passport before coming to the immigration office:

For Indonesian Citizens

  • A Valid Identity Card
  • Family Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate or Education Certificate
  • Certificate of domicile if you apply a passport outside of your domicile.

Meanwhile, for Indonesian children who are domiciled in Indonesia, the conditions for applying passports online are:

  • Both Parents Identity Cards
  • Family Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Parent’s Marriage Certificate

3. Coming to the Immigration Office

After all the requirements are ready, it’s time for you to come to the immigration office to continue the process of applying passport according to the schedule you have chosen online before.

At the immigration office, you have to fill out the form and letter for applying passport. And also don’t forget that you have to carry the original document for applying passport on point number 2 above, and also bring some copies of each item. In addition, bring a pen to fill your form.

At the Immigration Office, you will be asked to apply for a regular passport or electronic passport. An electronic passport is a passport with the owner’s biometric data, including facial biometric data and fingerprints of passport owner.

Don’t forget to put all your files in a file. Later, after waiting in line, you will be called for a photo and passport interview. Usually, the clerk will ask what is the purpose of your passport. When finished, you will be photographed for your passport.

To prepare for a passport photo, make sure you wear neat and polite clothes. As much as possible avoid shirts without collars or sleeveless clothes. Don’t wear clothes with a neckline that is too low, especially for women. A polite shirt or blazer will be very suitable to be chosen as clothing to use when taking passport photos.

4. Payment Process and Confirmation

There is also an administrative fee that you have to pay when applying for a passport.

You will receive a payment slip to transfer the amount of your passport fee. The cost of applying for a passport is different between a regular passport and an electronic passport. For a regular passport, you have to pay IDR 355,000, you get a 48-page passport for Indonesian citizen.

How to Apply Indonesian Passport

But if you apply for an electronic passports, you need to pay a fee of IDR 655,000 for a 48-page passport. You will not pay it in cash, but you must transfer to an account designated by the immigration office.

5. Waiting for Your Passport

After the passport application process is complete, you have to wait for the passport making process for some time. You can also check whether the passport has been processed and is ready to be taken.

You can check your passport status via Whatsapp. If your passport has been completed, you will be notified to come and collect your passport.

6. Collect Your Passport

If the status of your passport is ready to be collected, it’s time to go to the immigration office again. Take the passport retrieval number at the immigration office and you can just collect your passport. You will not be waiting for too long.

That was the step by step of applying for a passport in Indonesia. The steps are very simple and easy, right?

The requirements to apply for a passport is also not complicated. The important thing is that you must complete all the requirements on your application and follow the procedures.

Well, if you want to take a trip abroad, you also need to pay attention on how to apply for a visa. So, are you ready to go on a trip abroad?