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10 Ways to Book the Cheapest Hotel Possible for Your Vacation

Besides the various transportation options that you have to choose, a place to stay is also an important requirement when you go on vacation. Hotels are the most popular accommodation choices because they can provide a comfortable place to rest after you visit tourist attractions throughout the day. But unfortunately sometimes the hotel price is rather expensive.

How to Get the Cheapest Hotels for Vacation

Luckily, you can apply the following tips to book hotel with cheapest price. That way you don’t have to pay too much for hotel room and you can allocate the extra money for other things such as visiting more places or buying souvenirs.

1. Survey Hotel Prices Online

Cara Pesan Hotel Murah

In an increasingly modern era these days, you no longer need to call or even come to each hotel to find out the room’s price per night. You can do it online where you can have complete information about hotels located around the area you want to visit. You can compare the prices of each hotel and choose which hotel you think is the best.

2. Login to get Member Discount

Cara Pesan Hotel Murah

The login process, which only takes less than one minute, can have a big effect for hotel prices. Some online travel agencies to book hotels offer this program in a clear manner. In general, these sites will offer a discount when you log in as a member. In addition, if you have booked or frequently booked hotels through these sites, it is also possible that you will get more promo offers.

3. Find Out Active Promo Codes

Cara Pesan Hotel Murah

Some hotels rarely offer promo codes for the rooms they rent. However, you can get the promo code from online travel agencies so you can use it as one way to order cheap hotels.

4. Get Discount from Your Credit Cards

Cara Pesan Hotel Murah

Lots of credit cards offer great reward points when you use them. Well, interestingly, you can use these points to be exchanged for discounted hotel rooms. In addition, it is pretty common for you to get cheap hotel price using the credit card payment method. So not only through points, some online hotel booking sites also offer more affordable prices when you pay using certain credit cards.

5. Avoid Weekends

Cara Pesan Hotel Murah

This tips seems a little bit hard to follow because maybe you can only have a vacation on weekends. But if you can, you should avoid staying on Friday or Saturday, because on that day the price will usually be higher than usual. Well, other than Friday and Saturday you can book a hotel room at a cheaper price. Besides that, the hotel will also be more quiet in weekdays so you can enjoy facilities such as a swimming pool and restaurant more conveniently.

6. Choose the Business Hotel

Cara Pesan Hotel Murah

Business hotels do not offer facilities as complete as resort hotels. However, business hotels can help reduce the amount of your expenses quite significantly. If you choose business hotel, you can have more funds for fun at the tourist attractions.

7. Use Only Facilities You Need

Cara Pesan Hotel Murah

It’s nice if the hotel where we stay has some features like an indoor pool, spa, and gym. But if you don’t use it and want a cheaper price, then you can avoid hotels that offer these facilities. So choose a hotel with just the facilities you really need such as Wi-Fi, parking, and free breakfast.

8. Don’t Get Hung Up with Reviews

Cara Pesan Hotel Murah

One way to find out the quality of a hotel is to read the review. But don’t make this a single factor to determine where you are staying when on vacation. For example, many people complain about the noise in a hotel because it is very close to a city center where a lot of construction is going on, traffic, and so on. Well, there is not much that can be done by the hotel to solve the problem, but usually they will offer cheaper rates for the room.

9. Pay Attention to the Hotel Location

Cara Pesan Hotel Murah

Before you decide to stay at the hotel of your choice, it’s good if you also pay attention to the costs of public transportation in the city you visit. Hotels located in the city center or close to various tourist destinations will usually be priced more expensive.

You can gather information about the location of the hotel and the available public transportation. As long as you don’t mind going around the city using public transportation, then you can save a lot by choosing a hotel that is located a little further from the tourist center.

10. Install Mobile App

Cara Pesan Hotel Murah

The last and easiest way to order cheap hotels is to install the mobile app on your smartphone. The mobile app can help you get the most affordable hotel prices with all the facilities you need.

Besides that, using the mobile app also allows you to book hotels with the best prices even on sudden occasions. Along with the various kinds of promos and discounts offered, you no longer need to worry about the problem of hotels for vacation.

Easiest Way to Book Cheapest Hotel

Choosing one of the many hotels is a mandatory task that is both easy and tricky when you plan a vacation. You need to consider many things when you are choosing a hotel to stay, especially if you prioritize the price factor.

You can apply these tips on how to order cheap hotels above so that your vacation will be more enjoyable without being burdened with high overnight costs. Also, check out these interesting countries to visit to have a vacation. Visit to get cheap hotel room promos.