Taking Train in Indonesia for First Timer


Complete Guide of Taking Train in Indonesia for First Timer

First Time Taking Train in Indonesia – The railroad transportation always has its own attractiveness for some people. Many people are traveling by train out of town because this one public transportation is relatively cheaper and faster.

Yet, there are still so many people that are confused about how to take the train, especially for the first timer. The reason is now there is a train check-in procedure before you can get on to the train.

Well, maybe some of you are still curious. You may have a question like, “how do I take the train according to the procedure? And, “what are the check-in procedure that I have to get through before taking the train?”

Okay, if you want to know how to take the train for the first time, read on the steps for taking the train below. The method is easy & not complicated at all!

First Time Taking Train in Indonesia Guide

1. Order Your Train Ticket

In the past, all passengers who want to take the train must be willing to queue at the station counter to get a ticket. However, now there is a more modern way to order train tickets, which is ordering train tickets online.

One of the official partners of PT Kereta Api Indonesia who sells train tickets online with the most complete route is tiket.com. You can order cheap train tickets online via the tiket.com website or mobile app. You can also choose the type of class and seating as desired.

Taking Train in Indonesia for First Timer

After purchasing the tickets, don’t forget to keep the booking code you get on the e-ticket that you got via email. This booking code is required at check-in to get a boarding pass. If your ticket is in the form of an electronic ticket, you don’t have to print it before leaving for the station. The important thing is you keep the booking code.

2. Check-In & Preparing Your Boarding Pass

The next thing you need to know to take the train that is you must must go through the check-in process. You can check yourself in is by going to the self-ticketing-machine or CTM (Cetak Tiket Mandiri) which provided at the departure station.

Enter your train ticket booking code that you have in the column provided, then print your boarding pass. This boarding pass contains the name of the passenger, departure date, train name, and travel number.

Well, when you have your boarding pass, then your check-in process is complete. Keep your boarding pass to show it to the officer before entering the train platform. Don’t forget, for stations that have not implemented a check-in system, a self-ticketing machine is provided which you can use to print your ticket.

3. Show Your Boarding Pass and IDs

Before entering the platform, show your boarding pass and ID to the officer. Your boarding pass will be scanned and matched with your identity. When it’s done, you can just enter and wait for the departure time. Don’t forget, keep the boarding pass with you because the officer will check it again on the train.

4. Get In to the Train and Find Your Seat

Ask the clerk on the platform about on what line your train will come. After the passenger is allowed to get onboard, look for the train car and your seat. Store your things in the storage area, sit comfortably, and wait for the train to depart. Don’t forget, the officer will also walk around to ask for an identity card and boarding pass. So, keep it in a save place.

Now, you can sit back and relax because that’s all you have to do, and the train will take you to your destination. How easy is it to take the train for the first time described above?

All train classes provided by PT KAI are equipped with air conditioning. So all passengers are strictly prohibited from smoking during train trips. If caught smoking, passengers will be dropped off at the next station even though they have not reached the destination.

So, don’t forget to always comply with applicable regulations while traveling by train so that your trip is safe & comfortable to your destination. If you want to order a train ticket, just order it at tiket.com. Besides being cheap & easy, tiket.com also provides the most complete train routes for you to choose as you wish.