Japan Itinerary


Itinerary for 5 Days and 4 Night Around Japan, Find Your Rising Sun!

Have a trip abroad to a new city and country sometimes needs a detailed plan. An itinerary which consists of the list of places to visit and the detail of activity that you will do on your journey must be considered as one of the most important things to prepare before you leave for vacation.

Not only will make your travel budget effective, plan an itinerary before the holiday will make the destination easier to be explored because, at least, you have enough time to move from a place to another stunning place. Making itinerary also means you have done a simple survey before going so you won’t be clueless while traveling.

Here tiket.com will give you a simple but nice example of Japan’s itinerary for 5 days and 4 nights, especially for you who want to go to Tokyo, the capital city of the Land of the Rising Sun. Check this out!

1st Day Tour (Jakarta – Haneda – Hotel)

Japan Itinerary

Before you see the detailed plan of our Japan’s itinerary, the point that must be highlighted is the departure city. You can start your flight trip from Jakarta (or from other cities) and land at Haneda International Airport Tokyo.  Haneda is nearer from the heart of Tokyo compared to Narita International Airport. This is the list of activities which can be done on the first day:

–    Depart at Haneda International Airport.

–    Hotel check-in.

–    Free time at the hotel.

–    Visit Harajuku.

–    Having dinner at a local restaurant.

–    Back to the hotel.

The first day in Tokyo, spare your time to visit several famous spots, such as Shibuya and Harajuku. It will be great if you arrive at morning or at least afternoon because it means you have more time to explore the city at the very first day. At night, just come to Harajuku and see the colorful crowd of the center area of Japanese youth culture.

2nd Day Tour (Exploring Tokyo – Meiji – Tokyo SkyTree – Hotel)

Japan Itinerary

The second day in Tokyo, bring your step to explore the beautiful city more and more. Choose several places which famous among tourists. Here is the detailed list of activity while you are having a vacation in Tokyo on the second day. Oh, also do not forget to do a survey to gather information about local transportations.

Here the list of the second-day activity at Tokyo.

–    Visit Tokyo Tower.

–    Come to Meiji Shrine.

–    Having lunch or do street food hunting.

–    Go to Tokyo SkyTree.

–    Visit Sensoji Shrine.

–    Dinner.

–    Back to the hotel.

3rd Day Tour (Disneyland – Disney Sea)

Japan Itinerary

Visiting Tokyo will be completed if you don’t come to this one: Disneyland! If you wanna go to this famous theme park, do not forget to spare your budget. Not only perfect for children, but Disneyland is also good for all family members. Enjoy the amazing attraction and take a bunch of interesting photos at Disneyland Tokyo.

4th Day Tour (Mount Fuji – Hakone – Hotel)

Japan Itinerary

Japan’s itinerary isn’t over yet. Explore Japan more by climbing Mount Fuji or visiting Hakone, a nice town in Kanagawa Prefecture. The detailed activities are listed below.

–    Mount Fuji

–    Hakone Sky Gondola

–    Hakone Sightseeing Cruise

–    Hakone Gora Park

5th Day Tour (Shibuya – Hotel – Airport)

Japan Itinerary

On the last day in Japan, you can have a simple walk around the hotel. Try to bring your step to Shibuya, one of the most favorite destinations for tourists who come to Tokyo from overseas. Last but not least, remember to buy some nice souvenirs before leaving Tokyo.

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