5 Spooky Yet Enchanting Ghost Towns Around the World

There is something enchanting yet spooky about ghost towns. Do you know that ghost towns exist around the world? Some of them can be visited by tourists, and some others are not open for public.

Some of the ghost towns were abandoned due to natural disasters, economic hardships or other brutal things that may have happened there. True, it is a strange attraction, but it is interesting to know the information about it.

Abandoned Places and Their Stories

There are fascinating ghost towns around the world that are interesting to know. Here are a list of some of them:

1. Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

When coming to Turkmenistan, you will feel like you’re entering a forbidden place. The country doesn’t grant many visas to tourists. There are restrictions for Internet content, phone calls and television. 

In Ashgabat, the capital and largest city in Turkmenistan, you can see many white marble buildings. There are 543 new buildings lined with marble covering a total area of 4.5 million square meters. Most of Ashgabat’s white marble structure are official buildings, museums, political monuments and apartment blocks. 

The marble buildings were built because the president, Gurbanguli Berdimujamedov, wanted to put a large amount of money to build a monument to get into the Guinness Book of Records.

2. Craco, Italy

Craco has been left inhabited for hundred years. The abandoned ghost town was once a center of education with university, castle, church and plazas. Craco is situated at the Basilicata region of Italy, above the hills.

The location has been used as a set for many famous movies such as James Bond Quantum of Solace and the hanging of Judas scene in Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ.

Why Craco is considered as a ghost town now? Historically, the population of Craco decreased significantly due to plague in 1656 that killed hundreds of people. As a result, the people in Craco migrated to North America between 1892-1922. The city has fallen into ruin nowadays but the place is hauntingly beautiful.

Today, Craco can no longer be accessible to the public, except by guided tour. The village frequently receive visits from travelers and the occasional film production. 

3. Varosha, Cyprus

The ghost town Varosha was once a popular tourist area in Cyprus. But since 1974, the place has become abandoned since the occupation of Turkish Armed Forces. 

As of today, the buildings have decayed and some streets have been overgrown with vegetation. Due to its poor condition, some people call the place a ghost town. 

Previously, before the Turkish invasion, Varosha was a beautiful paradise with pristine beaches. The city was referred to as a hub for transportation for both passengers and goods from and to Cyprus.

4 Wittenoom Australia

Wittenoom is an abandoned town in Outback Western Australia. It was a place where workers mined blue asbestos. The huge area is now a semi arid desert with scorching temperatures.

It’s hard to find the place because it has been washed out from the map. The road to Wittenoom is also bumpy and dusty. 

The Australian government strictly advises against going to the destination due to the high risk from asbestos. Wittenoom was once a tourist destination, with the site full of hotels, shops and cafes for travelers. However, now it is an empty town. 

5. Dhanushkodi, India

The deserted ghost town called Dhanushkodi is in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The town was destroyed during the Rameswaram cyclone in 1964. About 2,000 people were killed due to the natural disaster.

The city used to be a trade centre with goods being transported from India to Sri Lanka. There was hotels, textiles and railway station. Until now, the city has never been rebuilt. The old story about the place was that there were many haunted souls who lost their lives in the cyclone

Interested to Know the Haunted Towns 

There are many abandoned towns that are interesting to know around the world. Although some of these ghost towns are not opened to the public, but you can visit a few of them.

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You know that besides ghost towns, there are other wonderful destinations to relieve stress and recharge your mind