Beautiful Places to Visit and Things to Do in China for Fun Seekers

China is fascinating for many reasons. Awesome monuments and ancient treasures are something special that you can find in this country. If you haven’t been to China, perhaps this year is the right time to discover hidden paradise in China.

When you think about China, maybe you are thinking about the not-so-clean environment or unfriendly people. Well, whatever you are imagining, it is best to explore the country yourself so you can get a clearer picture of what the country looks like.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in China

You’ll be surprised to know what you can explore in China. China has limitless options of tourist attractions. If you have plans to go to China, we can help you to give some ideas of the places you can visit there. It’s time to grab your bag and do the things you have been wanting to do all this time!

1. The Great Wall

things to do in China

Many people want to conquer The Great Wall of China, an ancient series of walls in northern China. It stretches more than 6,000 kilometers from Shanhaiguan in the east to Jiayuguan in the west. 

Nowadays, visitors usually visit three sections in The Great Wall, which are Mutianyu, Gubeikou and Badaling. Each section offers its own uniqueness with different views. At Great Wall, you can learn more about the Chinese history, enjoy terrific natural scenery and witness China’s longest man-made construction in the world.

If you visit Mutianyu Great Wall, you can try the toboggan ride to go down from the top of the Great Wall. It is a relaxing ride and an energy-saving way, so you don’t need to go down the stairs by foot 🙂

Address: Huairou District, China

Opening hours: 7.30am-5.30pm

2. Beijing Palace Museum

things to do in China

The Beijing Palace Museum is located inside the Forbidden City. This is one of the most iconic attractions in Beijing. Inside the museum, you can observe the collections of calligraphy, timepieces, paintings, ancient books and historical documents, which were mostly the collections of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The palace was constructed from 1406-1420.

Perhaps you are curious about why the complex is called The Forbidden Palace. That’s because the palace was home to emperors; the public was forbidden from entering. The Beijing Palace Museum has witnessed over 600 years of history. Nowadays, the gardens, halls and pavilions are visited by millions of visitors every year.

Address: 4 Jingshan Front St, Dongcheng, Beijing, China, 100009

Opening hours: 8.30am-4.30pm

3. Disneyland Shanghai

Nothing beats the joy of coming to the happiest place on earth with your loved ones. In Disneyland Shanghai, you can feel the authentic Disney experience with a touch of Chinese. Many live shows are available in Disneyland, including the Tarzan: Call of the Jungle, Eye of the Storm: Captain’s Jack’s Stunt Spectacular.

Be sure to enjoy delicious snacks inside such as popcorn, churros, corn dogs, and Mickey ice cream bars. Go inside the beautiful castle, climb to the upper castle and witness beautiful views from up there. There are many themed attractions inside including Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland Maze, Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue and so on. You can spend a whole day in this wonderful land!

Address: China, Shanghai Shi, Pudong, 川沙新镇, Huangzhao Rd, No. 310

Opening hours: 8.30am-22.00pm

4. Shanghai Observatory Tower

things to do in China

Shanghai tower observation deck is the tallest building in China. If you want to see the unique panoramic view from above, you can come to this tower, specifically to the 118th and 119th floor. From the observation deck, you can see Huangpu River, the Bun and other skyscrapers. There are also binoculars for greater viewing quality.

The Shanghai Tower is a 632-metre, 128 story tall skyscraper. It has the world’s second fastest elevators that can go up and down with the speed of 20.5 metres per second.

The bottom floor showcases the information about tall buildings in the world, as well as a section about Shanghai Tower. You can also buy merchandise in the building.

Address: 501 Yincheng Middle Rd, Lu Jia Zui, Lujiazui Residential District, Pudong, Shanghai, China

Opening hours: 

Monday-Sunday: 8.30am-9.30pm

5. Visit West Lake, the Freshwater Lake in Hangzhou

In Hangzhou, you can visit the West Lake. The place is very photogenic. In 2011, it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are numerous locations for bikers and strollers. When you’re there, don’t forget to taste the delicious Chinese street foods such as dumplings and corn. At night, there is an open-air show that involves music, lights and dance.

Address: West Lake Scenic, Xihu District, Hangzhou 

Opening Hours:

All day long

Discover a Country Full of Surprises

Whether you are looking for a new experience or new friends, you can consider China as your next travel destination. There are plenty of things to see in this big country. Do you want to see the Ice and Snow Festival? You can come to Harbin in the Helongjiang province.

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