Lombok Series: Getting to know Sasak Sade Village, the Original Tribe of Lombok Island

Sasak Sade Village – There’ll always be interesting things to explore when you visit a city or country. It can be about its culinary, popular tourist attractions, or the traditions and customs of that one particular area.

That goes the same with Lombok Island. This beautiful island near Bali offers many fascinating customs that everyone can learn about. Are there any of you who love to discover cultural tourism?

If you love about culture, going to Lombok will never go wrong. One cultural place that you need to explore is Sasak Sade Village in Lombok Island, which still preserves their interesting traditional life.

Sasak Sade Village, a Place Where Traditional Life Blends Well with Modernity

Sasak Sade Village

Once you enter this village, you’d be wondering where are the traditional side of Sasak Sade Village. Because actually, Sasak Sade is situated in a modern scope of life. However, when you see the gate of Sasak Sade Village, you’ll see its uniqueness.

Starting from the entrance gate, the visitors will be accompanied by a guide who will explain about the village, the history and the current life of people there. Don’t forget to give a tip at least 20,000 IDR at the end of the tour.

Firstly, you will go to a small house, where you have to write your name on the guestlist book and also the entry ticket price. There’s no standard price to enter this village, but rather you can pay as you like.

Next, the guide will bring you to explore Sasak Sade Village. Seeing life in this village, its history, development, and handicrafts originally made by the people itself.

1. Bale Lumbung

Sasak Sade Village

When you start to explore the corner in this village, you will find Bale Lumbung or rice barns owned by people in Sasak Sade Village. Interestingly, only women can take rice from the barn. They believe that men will experience infertility if they take rice from here.

This barn is a storage place for community harvest in Sasak Sade Village, where each barn can be used by 5-6 family heads. Another uniqueness that you can find from this Bale Lumbung is that it’s built high to avoid flood and rat pests.

2. Bale Tani

Bale Tani is a traditional house of the Sasak tribe. This traditional house is made of natural materials like wood, bamboo, and clay floors mixed with buffalo dung. Interesting enough, right?

The residence area of the Sasak Sade tribe is divided into two parts, which are Bale inside and Bale outside. Bale inside is for female family members, birthplace, and kitchen. Whereas Bale outside is for other family members and as a living room or family gathering room.

If you come to this village, you’ll find the doors If a ticket buddy comes to this village, then you will find the doors made low which means respect to the house owner. There are also stairs with different philosophies; born, develop, and die.

The uniqueness of Bale Tani doesn’t stop there. As you know that Bale Tani is made of buffalo dung, which believed that it can prevent dust from clings and repel mosquitos. Worry not because it won’t cause any unpleasant smells at all!

3. A tradition of Peresean and Beleq Drum

Until now, the Sasak tribe still preserves their tradition. One of them is the tradition of Gendang (drum) Beleq and Persesean. Luckily, tiket.com team was able to witness the excitement of this tradition. The Beleq drum is a traditional Sasak musical instrument.

The strains of the drum make Belendang dance more lively. However, the function of this drum isn’t only that, but also a tool to lead a war and cultural events in Lombok such as weddings.

Sasak Sade Village

Moreover, tiket.com team also was able to witness the Peresean attraction. Although it wasn’t performed by the experts, only by visitors who come to Sasak Sade Village. However, people can still feel the excitement of this war defense attraction from Lombok.

Each fighter holds a shield and also a cane that serves to defend and hurt the opponent. This tradition is also still often performed by the Sasak community as a ritual to ask for rain during a long dry season.

4. Handicrafts Made by Sasak Tribe

Sasak Sade Village

For the native people of Lombok, the Sasak tribe, weaving and farming are their main occupations. In fact, for Sasak women, weaving is an obligation and a determinant of whether they can get married or not.

You will find a lot of huts that sell fabrics woven from women in this village. Later, the income will be shared equally by the local cooperatives that manage it. Not only woven cloth, but you can also find beautiful bags, bracelets, necklaces, and many more!

The price starts from 50,000 IDR to hundreds of thousands. They also sell authentic handicrafts from Sasak Sade Village, like woven hand fans or woven caps. You can get those handicrafts starting from 10,000 IDR. Don’t forget to buy some and bring back home as souvenirs!

5. How to Go to Sasak Sade Village

Going to Sasak Sade Village is quite easy since the location is accessible by motorbike or car. From Lombok International Airport, it will only take around a 15-minute drive to get to this village.

Sasak Sade Village is located in Rembitan, Pujut, Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. You won’t have any problem to find the village because it’s situated nearby a big road. Just find a gate shaped like a typical Sasak building with the words “Welcome to Sasak Sade Village.”

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