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10 Things to do in New York for Couples, Totally Romantic and Perfect for a Date!

Romantic things to do in New York – In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of New York, it’s still possible to have a romantic and perfect date here. This city has no shortage when it comes to the things of special experiences to share with your loved one.

Impress your next Tinder date, your girlfriend, your husband, or even your no-string-attached kind of relationship (if any), to have a blissful day and starry-eyed night on the town with the most romantic things to do in NYC.

We’ve looked at hundreds of attractions, restaurants, and activities around to give you this ultimate list of 10 romantic things to do in New York for couples.

10 Most Romantic Things to Do in New York City

New York City has everything to offer, and it’s kinda hard to narrow it down to one thing. So we’ve agreed to share you with our favorite things to do in New York for couples, that’ll totally boost up your lover’s mood and feeling!

1. Picnic day at Central Park

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Well, who doesn’t love Central Park anyway? This park stretches on over 800 acres in Uptown Manhattan and loved by many New Yorkers. To have a date with your partner, enjoy a brunch or lunch in a romantic picnic setting with its beautiful scenery.

There are many quiet spots inside the park to lay a picnic carpet with a basket full of delicacies and probably a bottle of fine wine. This kind of picnic date is always favored with many of the locals too!

Just coming to spend a day here is reason enough, but if you want to do other things besides picnic, there’s always something on offer. Beach volleyball, paddle boarding, ice skating, giant water fights, concerts in the park, and many more are fun ways to enjoy a date out.

2. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

romantic things to do in New York_brooklyn bridge

When it comes to choosing New York iconic landmarks, Brooklyn Bridge is everyone should experience. Both tourists and locals alike enjoying a beautiful day here, the oldest bridges in the United States at 1,595 feet.

Come during the fall to get the most perfect and romantic moment with your partner. Take a 30-minute walk across this Gothic-style bridge to see a spectacular view of Lower Manhattan from the wooden pedestrian walkway.

Don’t be surprised to see many couples walk hand-in-hand over the East River through the Brooklyn Bridge, especially in the evening when the city lights switch on at dusk.

3. Jazz it up at speakeasy bar

Harlem, was once a scary neighborhood in New York City. Today, it has countless clubs where you can catch a live jazz show. Watching it with your partner while having dinner will surely be a romantic experience.

Check out famous clubs or bars with  soulful music. Enjoy the sounds of your favorite jazz songs with dinner, cocktails, and a perfect show. There are many places all over the city too if you don’t feel like coming to Harlem.

4. Lovely stroll at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

romantic things to do in New York_brooklyn botanic garden

If walk the Brooklyn Bridge isn’t romantic enough for you, then maybe you have to come to this paradise. No need to travel far, just head to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which located in the Prospect Park neighborhood.

He best time is to come in spring, when you can see over 50 acres of cherry blossoms, rose gardens, and various other flowers and plants bloom beautifully. Don’t forget to stop by the Japanese-inspired garden Hill-and-Pond and Shakespeare Garden.

Psst… There are some couples who have done their marriage proposal here! So for those who think about marrying your girlfriend, most probably she’d say yes to you at this beautiful garden.

5. Try Omakase Sushi as a nice din-din

Sushi in New York? That’s probably crossed on your mind. But New York City has some of the best sushi in the world, next to Japan. Because a dinner date doesn’t always have to be all candlelight and a glass of wine on hand, right?

In the city, they have what’s called Omakase Sushi at fine dining restaurants, a signature style of sushi hand-selected by the chef. The head sushi chefs curate the best of what’s available in the markets every day and serve you piece by piece.

Enjoy intimate‌ ‌and‌ ‌relaxing vibes by choosing Omakase as a dinner menu. This dish served in fresh and best ingredients. Here’s when you can impress your date as well because sushi isn’t cheap 😉

7. Take a horse carriage ride

There are plenty of carriage rides in New York, but the top choice would be within Central Park area. Take the horse ride where you can snuggle up with your partner in the back seat as the guide takes you around popular attractions in the city.

Lasts between 20 to 60 minutes, horse carriage rides are available throughout the day and night. Guaranteed, this is gonna be one of the most romantic things to do with your loved one.

If you’re thinking about a proposal, you could set it up at beautiful places such as Bow Bridge or Bethesda Fontaine & Terrace at Central Park. A romantic setting for your once in a lifetime event, make her falls for you even harder!

8. Romantic dinner on a cruise

romantic things to do in New York_dinner on a cruise

What’s more luxury and romantic than special dinner on a cruise? Grab your special someone onboard and enjoy Manhattan skyline while fulfilling your taste buds!

Book a table next to a private window to get a dazzling city view at night crossing the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Usually, there’ll also be music and dance time after you enjoy the savoring gourmet cuisines.

9. Enjoy a Broadway show

If you and your love are into the arts and want to see a show together, the Broadway show would be the best choice. Find out what are the best shows in NYC and book the ticket in advance if you don’t want to miss it. Popular shows sell out quickly!

Choose a show that has a romantic taste to get the intimate and lovey-dovey atmosphere, such as the Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, or the West Side Story.

10. Enjoy NYC skyline from Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is one of the most popular buildings in NYC, offering a spectacular indoor and outdoor 360-degree views in the heart of Manhattan. We recommend this place as you can impress your date with an amazing view of the city.

Come in the late afternoon to gaze at the glowing city below at nighttime, and continue by looking at the city details at night when the city lights decorate the view beautifully… You can also come to the 102nd-floor Observatory, to get more exciting higher views!

Wanna Go to New York City?

We know… Probably after you read this, you really wanna go and find your Tinder date there, or take your love to a nice yet romantic holiday to the beautiful and modern NYC. Before that, check these easy steps to make e-passport because it’s essential to have when you travel abroad.

After you have your passport in hand, let’s buy a flight ticket to New York and make your romantic dream date comes true!