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Soak it Up: 8 Hot Springs Around the World to Warm Up Your Winter

Winter is coming!  For those of you who are living in a country with cold weather climates, you may think of visiting tropical countries in Asia or other destinations with warmer weather. 

However, if you’re living in a tropical country, you might want to do something different this December. Wherever you’re coming from, treat yourself with something special this winter. There are many places around the world where you can enjoy soaking in hot springs, relieve stress and help you sleep better.

Take A Dip, Enjoy the Warm Water

Soaking up inside a hot spring is a healthy and enjoyable activity. Hot springs generally have high mineral content and the heat helps to soothe aching muscles. Want to visit best hot springs around the world?  We’ve put together a list of top hot springs around the world for your next winter vacay!

1. Iron Montain Hot Springs, Colorado

In Colorado Hot Springs, you can try to dip inside many pools with different size, shape and temperature. There are 16 soaking pools, each is heated to a different temperature from 36.7 degrees Celcius to 42.2 Celcius. 

When you’re there, you can relax in one or move to another pool to feel the different soaking experience. The pools contain 14 different minerals which include iron, sulfate, chloride, sodium and calcium. Enjoy the hot water while seeing the magnificent views of the Iron Mountain and the twin peaks of Mt. Sopris. It’s a perfect place to relax, restore and rejuvenate!

2. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

Hot Springs

The blue lagoon is a spectacular attraction in Iceland. The milky-blue water is unlike anywhere on earth. It is a perfect place for bathing anytime because the temperature sits at 39 degrees Celcius year-round. The Blue Lagoon is not natural; it was formed in 1976. The water completely renews itself in 48 hours.

To reach this lagoon, it only takes around 15 minutes’ drive from Keflavik International Airport. Make sure to book the place weeks before as it is usually full.

The best time to visit Blue Lagoon is in the evening. If you’re lucky, you can see the Northern Lights in winter. What’s unique is that Blue Lagoon offers skin treatment for people suffering from psoariaris. It is an in-house treatment supported by UV light therapy and special skin care products.

3. Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey

Hot Springs

Pamukkale means “cotton castle” in Turkish. It is a natural formation located near Denizli in Turkey. The place is famous for its hot springs and a lot of white limestone terraces. It has been a spa town since the Romans arrived in the ancient city of Hierapolis.

Filled with turquoise water, the thermal pools offer surreal sights. People can bathe there and enjoy relaxing warm, relaxing soak. Walking barefoot there is fun! After you finished bathing, try shopping for souvenirs around the place.

4. Kurokawa Onsen Japan

Hot Springs

Japan’s attractive spring town is located in the middle of Kyushu, about 20 kilometers north of Mount Aso. The place offers traditional Japanese atmosphere. You can see that the townscape is dominated by natural colors and materials, wooden buildings and earthern walls, stone stairs and a river flowing through.

In the town, you can find ryokan, public bath houses, attractive shops and cafes. Stroll around the road and stop by small stalls, bridges and beautiful shrines. 

5. Polynesian Spa New Zealand

In Rotorua, north of New Zealand, there is an enjoyable bathing experience. This Polynesian spa is good for relaxation. The Polynesian Spa’s geothermal are sourced from two natural hot springs and feed into 28 mineral pools. The water is believed to be able to cure tired muscles, aches and pains.

You can try various bathing packages there. For instance, they offer lake view private pools, sky view private pools or family pools. Coming in the evening is a great time because you can wait until the sky gets dark and see the shining stars in the sky.

Wait….are you done exploring New Zealand’s North Island? Don’t forget to visit the South Island as well and stop by at a lovely city called Queenstown. Spend some time there before you go back to your hometown!

6. Chena Hot Springs Alaska

Come to Chena Hot Springs in Alaska that is well known for its natural hot spring and awesome ice museum. It is also a resort where you get a chance for wonderful aurora viewing. The Alaskan hot springs are about an hour’s drive from Fairbanks.

Other unique activity you can do there is to enjoy the sled dog tour. It is a 60 mile scenic ride where you can take a ride with sled dogs!

7. Banjar Hot Springs, Bali, Indonesia

The sacred Banjar hot springs is located near Lovina beach. It consists of three public and one private pool. The pool has a sulfur content of 26 percent and a temperature of around 38 degrees celcius.

Do you want something more private? You can enjoy bathing in the private pool equipped with a jacuzzi. After you’re done, head to the restaurant. The restaurant around Banjar hot springs offer a variety of western and Indonesian food menu.

8. Cheoksan Spa World, Korea

Cheoksan Spa has blue water that is great to beautify the skin and improve blood circulation. It is located only 10 minutes away from Seoraksan Mountains, Korea’s most wonderful mountain ranges. If you want to relax, staying in the resort is suitable for you.

There are also small walkways to a pine forest nearby. You can spend your time for 20 minutes walk in the forest and feel refreshed. 

Come and Soak in Hot Springs

If you’re looking for a wonderful experience this winter, spend one or two days to try the hot spring. People come from all over the world to soak in the rejuvenating waters. You can do that as well! After exploring the geothermal bathing experiences, unwind at luxurious accommodation. To get the best deals on hotels, open

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