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Enjoy Picturesque Scenery at 5 Best Beaches in Semarang

Beaches in Semarang – Whenever you go to a new destination, visiting tourist destinations will always be in your itinerary because it is a way for you to know  more varieties of food, culture, and attractions. Isn’t that true? The charm of a city will make your want to explore more and more.

Even though you only have a short time for vacation, you need to spare time to visit various popular tourist destinations in Semarang, the capital of Central Java.

Semarang does have a lot of unique places that can attract tourists. For instance, there are five beautiful beaches in Semarang you can visit with your friends and family. Read below, t-mates!

5 Most Fun Beaches in Semarang 

Going to the beach is indeed the right way to relieve your stress. Looking at the blue ocean, white sandy beach, while sipping a young coconut is a relaxing thing to do. We have summed up five nice beaches in Semarang for you, let’s check it out!

1. Baruna Beach

Unlike a beach that usually has wide stretches of sand, Baruna Beach actually has a vast reed beds. With amazing turquoise sea water, the beach is a perfect background for you who want to take nice photographs.

No wonder that this beach is one of the popular destinations for photography lovers. T-mates, you can make Baruna Beach as your holiday destination.

Over there, you can also see the Peace Monument of Life that was built to commemorate Japanese soldiers who were killed during a five-day battle in Semarang. Baruna Beach is truly a great destination for you to travel to.

Location: Mas Port, Tanjung, Bringin, Tj. Mas, North Semarang, Central Java.

2. Maron Beach

Maron Beach is one of the beaches in Semarang with calm beach waves. Hence, playing around the beach is certainly safe, both for adults and children.

Usually, tourists prefer to come to Maron Beach to relax, enjoy the cool breeze and listen to the calm sound of the waves, while sipping coconut water that soothe the throat.

You can also spend time fishing or visiting Edupark Mangrove Forest in this place with your family.

Location of Maron Beach: Tugurejo, Tugu, Semarang City, Central Java.

3. Tirang Beach

Besides those two beaches that we have described above, you must also visit Tirang Beach, t-mates! Tirang Beach can be a beach tourism destination in Semarang for those of you who want to see a beautiful sunset.

As one of the hidden beaches in Semarang, you can certainly feel the tranquility and solitude of this beach. Tirang Beach is located not far away from Maron Beach, t-mates. So, you can explore these two beaches at once.

At Tirang Beach, you will find mangrove planting that is useful to protect the land from abrasion. This beach is often used as a place for comparative studies of Dutch and Japanese researchers in relation to Mangrove management.

Location: Tambakrejo, Tugu, Semarang City, Central Java.

4. Marina Beach

Marina Beach is the best known beach in Semarang. On this beach, you can witness a clear, beautiful sunset almost everyday! This place is the right destination for a family vacation when you’re in Semarang.

The beach was formed as a result of reclamation.  Previously, it was a mangrove forest and also a farm belonging to local residents. You can enjoy the beauty of this beach by going around using a rental boat, t-mates!

There are many exciting activities that you can enjoy on Marina Beach along with your loved ones. Enjoy your vacation in Semarang!

Location: Jl. Yos Sudarso, PRPP Complex, Tawangsari, Semarang.

5. Ngebum Tourism Beach

At Ngebum Tourism Beach, you can choose either to have a picnic, or just relaxing by the beach with your loved ones. There are many mat rentals and gazebos that you can enjoy on this beach.

Create exciting moments with your loved ones while on vacation in Semarang by visiting Ngebum Tourism Beach. Guaranteed your holiday will be more enjoyable and relaxing

Enjoy Your Holiday by Relaxing on the Beach

Spending your vacation time by relaxing on the beach is really cool, buddy. Playing sand or doing other beach activities with your loved ones will make your holiday more enjoyable.

After being satisfied playing on the beach, you can also enjoy a stay at your favorite hotel in Semarang. So, let’s book a hotel room in Semarang at because it is easy and fast.

Only have one day to spend in Semarang? Don’t worry, there are some destinations in Semarang that you can visit in a day, t-mates!