Single Trip in Semarang? These Are the Fun Destinations You Can Visit

Having a one day vacation in a particular city, of course it isn’t enough.. Usually, this one-day vacation will happen if you have a business stuff in those cities.

However, one-day vacation doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the trip, right? Like for example for t-mates who only has a one-day vacation in Semarang. You can visit some tourist attractions that you must visit while in Semarang.

It’s not possible for you to spend a one-day vacation to visit all the tourist attractions or culinary attractions in the city of Semarang. Well, for that, you have to find out what places are most popular when in Semarang. Like the following list.

Tourist Attractions in Semarang that You Must Visit

When you go to Semarang, the places below must really enter the list of places that you must visit. So, you don’t need to be confused anymore where to go all day while you’re in Semarang.

1. Lawang Sewu

The building, which was founded in the 19th century, is one of the landmarks of Semarang City. So, it really doesn’t feel like you go to Semarang, if you’re not visiting this old-style building.

Single Trip in Semarang

Formerly, Lawang Sewu became the Dutch East Indies railway administration office. Having many doors and windows, this building is named Lawang Sewu or Thousand Doors.

Besides instagramable to be captured through photos, there are many exciting activities that you can do in Lawang Sewu. Like for example knowing the history of Indonesian railways from the past to the present.

2. The Old City of Semarang

Not only Jakarta, Semarang also has an Old City that you can visit while on vacation in this city. The Old City of Semarang, or also known as the Kota Tua can be your first destination for a holiday in Semarang.

Given the hot weather, it is very suitable to come and explore interesting spots in the Old City of Semarang in the morning. Here, you will see a lot of old buildings inherited from the Dutch era which are certainly very unique and interesting.

Starting from the Praoe Lajar Cigarette Factory, Blenduk Church, Semarang Tawang Station, to Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery.

3. Sam Poo Kong Temple

With its characteristic red buildings, Sam Poo Kong Temple is a well-known religious tourist destination in Semarang. In fact, the temple continues to be visited by tourists from various cities and area is still actively used as a place of worship for Buddhists.

A Day Vacation in Semarang? These Are the Fun Destinations You Can Visit

In addition to religious tourism, you can also tour history in this temple. A long time ago, Sam Poo Kong Temple was the haven of Admiral Cheng Hoo, the first Chinese Admiral who converted to Islam.

Besides its history, buildings with shades of red and Chinese ornaments are another reason so many tourists come to Sam Poo Kong. Because it makes you like being in China.

4. Soto Pak Man

Not only the tourist attractions, Semarang also has many culinary tours that you must visit when you are here. One of them is Soto Pak Man, which tastes so good!

Whether for breakfast or lunch, this Chicken Soto in Soto Pak Man can eliminate the hunger that afflicts you. With a mixture of vermicelli, bean sprouts, chicken, and chicken broth, you can imagine the freshness when you added with lime juice, right?

Anyway, it can’t be forgotten to stop by Soto Pak Man when you are in Semarang.

5. Semarang Grand Mosque

Semarang Great Mosque will certainly remind you of the mosques in Mecca and Medina. This is because the Great Mosque of Semarang has 6 large umbrellas that resemble automatic umbrellas in Mecca and Medina.

In addition to the magnificent and modern buildings, you can also climb up the tower in this mosque to see the city of Semarang from a height. Very interesting right?

Let’s Holidays to Semarang!

Even though you only have a one-day holiday in Semarang, you can still get a fun vacation time tho. By using car rental in Semarang at tiket.com, you can go to interesting tourist attractions in Semarang.

Not only Semarang, you can also explore tourist attractions in Jogja that are very important for you to visit.