Celebrate the Festive 2020 Chinese New Year Holiday in These 10 Exciting Destinations

The Chinese New Year is approaching! If you want to go on a vacation in this festive season, picking a holiday place during the traditional Chinese holiday can be quite tricky. Although many countries celebrate Lunar New Year, no country celebrates it quite the same way.

It really depends on what you want to do and what you want to see. From places that offer fireworks displays, marching bands, or Golden Dragon performance, we believe you better know before choosing your destination.

So here we’ve rounded up 10 exciting countries for you to rejoice the festive year of the rat, including a glimpse of what kind of celebration you can expect there.

10 Best Countries to Visit During Chinese New Year 2020

Let’s get into the spirit of the Chinese New Year holiday by visiting places with auspicious decorations and familiar Chinese songs while soaking up the festive atmosphere in a celebratory mood with everyone else. Here’s where you should go!

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the 2020 Chinese New Year holiday destinations with the highest demand. It’s also because Hong Kong is one of the countries which has the largest Chinese ethnic in the world. You’ll see a large number of travelers in Hong Kong throughout the CNY holiday.

During the Chinese New Year, Hong Kong will showcase many exciting things to welcome the big day for Chinese people. What’s even better is that you can feel the Lunar atmosphere 12 days before the new year arrives. 

Don’t miss out on your chance to see some festive events like parades, fireworks, and the lantern ornaments installed in all corners of the city.

2. Thailand

Liburan Imlek 2020 - Thailand

If you’re thinking about spending the CNY holiday with the feast, Thailand is your call. The country will usually be enlivened by a very lively Chinese New Year festival. You can visit several places which celebrate the festive season in Thailand. 

Not only you’ll experience the celebratory ambiance, but you will also see booths full of typical Chinese trinkets. So even if you’re not in a typical Chinese country, you’ll still get into the joyful vibes.

In Thailand, Chinese New Year celebrations held in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Chinese Embassy in Thailand will also serve a variety of Chinese special food menus that you can taste.

3. Singapore

Talking about the Chinese New Year, we cannot forget Singapore. A country with a large number of Chinese ethnic is a perfect destination to celebrate the year of the rat. The Chunjie (the Spring Festival) will entertain you with lots of fireworks and other excitement.

Every year, Singapore held a massive bash to welcome the CNY. Head to Chinatown, to see the area full of Chinese ornaments to welcome the big day. Don’t also forget to savor yourself in various of Singapore local food to fulfill your tastebuds.

4. Taiwan

Taiwan, which is located just off the eastern coast of China, becomes one of the top countries to visit for the Chinese New Year holiday. Most of the citizens are Chinese, so it won’t be a surprise to see the festive celebration during the new year.

Being a big country that celebrates Chinese New Year, you’ll find everywhere seems lively with Chinese ornaments, fantastic events, and crowded tourist places, especially in Taipei. If you’re going, don’t forget to see the enchanting Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival.

5. Indonesia

Liburan Imlek 2020 - Indonesia

With a lot of Chinese ethnic living in Indonesia, the festive celebration of Chinese New Year is quite extensive in the big cities. To welcome the Chinese New Year, Chinese nuanced decorations will be seen in various corners of the city, from shopping malls to major streets.

If you’re staying or going to Jakarta, you’ll also find some CNY festivals around the city like Liong Dance at the shopping centers, discounts during CNY, or other special events to make people experience the ambiance of Chinese big day.

6. Australia

Chinese New Year holiday

Do you know that Australia can be the right place to spend your CNY holiday too? Go to Chinatown in Sydney, and you’ll see a special festival held by The Chinese Garden of Friendship to celebrate the new year. 

Not only you’ll see spirited lanterns installed along the road, but there’ll also be an exciting parade, culinary festival with Chinese specialties, and firework show. Totally worth your visit!

7. South Korea

Chinese New Year holiday

Different from other countries, the celebration of Chinese New Year in South Korea is known as Seollal. You’ll also see many stunning decorations in several tourist attractions. This Chinese New Year celebration tradition will be held for 3 consecutive days.

It’ll be starting from one day before the celebration, d-day, and the day after. Seollal’s moment in South Korea became the most important moment for the people of South Korea to gather with family and visit their relatives’ homes.

8. The USA

Chinese New Year holiday

Thinking about going to the States during the CNY holiday? Worry not because you’ll still experience the authentic atmosphere in several locations across the country. Our suggestion is to go to Chinatown in Los Angeles.

Alternatively, you can also visit California, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, Washington CD, and many more to celebrate the CNY and feel that Lunar mood.

There’ll be parades, food festivals, traditional music performances, and other events related to the Chinese New Year celebration to make it even more lively!

9. Cambodia

Chinese New Year holiday

We all know that each country certainly has a different way to welcome and celebrate the Chinese New Year. So in Cambodia, a special thing you can find during the festive season is the moment to eat grilled pork with the whole family.

When the Chinese New Year comes, roast pork is the most sought-after food menu by Cambodians who celebrate Chinese New Year. Well, no wonder Phnom Penh will be packed with roasted pork sellers, even favored by many international tourists!

10. Vietnam

Chinese New Year holiday

Last but not least, we have Vietnam, where the Chinese New Year celebration is known as Tet Nguyen Dan. During this Chinese big day, you’ll find a lot of Zongzi, traditional food served during the Lunar New Year.

You’ll find the streets packed with food festivals, Chinese decorations, and other special events. The uniqueness of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Vietnam is the belief that the first guest who comes is a determinant of luck for them.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Indonesia

So, which country do you wanna go to spend your Chinese New Year holiday? If you’re in Indonesia or planning of going, we’ve also prepared a list of 5 best destinations for you to experience the spiritual vibes of the Chinese New Year.

Since CNY is one of the festive seasons in the year, you probably want to book your flight ticket in advance to save up your travel budget. Let’s have a nice hols without having to hurt your bank account, shall we? 😉