Singapore Local Foods


Going to Singapore? Try These 7 Tasty Local Eats!

Tasty local Singapore Foods to Try – There are plenty of reasons why you should visit Singapore. Singapore has many popular man-made, as well as natural attractions. Besides going to places, Singapore also has delicious local delicacies that you shouldn’t miss!

Next time you visit Singapore, make sure you try Singaporean local dishes in restaurants, food court or other places along the way. Singapore is undeniably a nation of foodies, the cuisine ranges from a blend of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences.

7 Delicious Singapore Foods to Try

Craving to eat some good food in Singapore? Dining out, especially in restaurants, may be expensive. But don’t need to worry because you can easily find mouthwatering local foods everywhere in shopping malls or food streets.

Singapore has many shopping malls that are conveniently located near the mass rapid transit (MRT) area. Thus, it is very easy for tourists to find good food anytime, even at night! While you’re strolling in Singapore at night, you can taste some traditional foods. To make it easier for you, we’ve helped you made the lists.

1. Mee Pok

Mee Pok

Mee Pok is a flat egg noodles cooked in boiling water until al dente. The dish, which came from Teochew, usually are available in both dry or soup versions in Singapore. Some of the common flavors are fish ball Mee Pok or mushroom minced meat Mee Pok.

In Singapore, you can find Mee Pok in hawker centres, coffee shops or other places. Mee Pok is an iconic food in Singapore that is cheap. You can eat a bowl of Mee Pok under S$5! It is a traditional food that Singaporean loves, and you might love too, t-mates!

2. Hainanese Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice

Don’t miss the chance to grab yourself a plate of Hainanese chicken rice when you are in Singapore. The Singapore food can be found almost in every dining location. The chicken rice is yummy because it uses “kampong” chicken, meaning free range chicken.

Singapore Hainanese chicken rice is served with chilli dipping sauce, ginger garlic sauce, cucumber garnish, and dark soy sauce. On top of that, the chicken rice is often served with a bowl of hot soup.

3. Fried Carrot Cake

For fellow t-mates who like to try comforting savory street food, you can try fried carrot cake, or also known as Chai Tow Kway. This Singapore food is a fried omelette consisting of stir-fried cubes of radish cake.

The ingredients inside fried carrot cake include rice flour, garlic, preserved turnips and eggs. It is fun to know that there is no carrot in carrot cake, t-mates. The misleading name happens because in China’s Hokkien dialect, chai tow means “radish” or “carrot”, while kway means pastry or “rice cake”. This dish originally came from Southern China.

4. Hokkien Prawn Mee

Hokkien Prawn Mee

Another iconic Singapore dish is called Hokkien Prawn Mee. In Singapore, the dish consists of a mixture of yellow noodles and bee hoon. What makes the dish delicious is because it is being braised in flavorsome prawn broth.

If t-mates prefer a drier version of prawn mee, don’t hesitate to request for it. A plate of Hokkien Prawn Mee is usually served with sliced pork belly, prawns, squid, chives and eaten with chilli and a squirt of lime juice. Try it and you will ask for more!

5. Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh in Hokkien dialect means “meat bone tea”. This Singapore food is simply a pork rib soup cooked so tenderly with many Chinese herbs. Bak Kut Teh tastes so delicious especially if you dip those pork ribs into the garlic soy sauce.

This Singaporean dish is commonly found everywhere in Singapore, and also in its neighboring country in Malaysia where there are many Hokkien and Teochew communities.

6. Kaya Toast & Soft Boiled Eggs

Kaya Toast & Soft Boiled Eggs

If your hotel doesn’t provide breakfast while you stay in Singapore, you can try to order a plate of kaya toast with soft boiled eggs for your morning meal. You breakfast will be complete if you add tea or coffee for your drink.

Although currently there are many big restaurants that sell kaya toast and soft boiled eggs in Singapore, you can also find the same food in food court or cheaper locations.

The Singapore-styled soft-boiled egg is runny and wobbly, it is simple, but tastes very nice! Crack the eggs into a bowl and put in dark soya sauce and ground white pepper. Eat the soft-boiled egg, while occasionally take a bite of the kaya toast!

7. Chilli Crab

Singapore’s chili crab is a popular Singapore food that you should try, t-mates. The local food is cooked in thick, savory sauce using tomato and chilli-based sauce. Don’t worry, despite the name, the crab is not very spicy.

To enjoy eating a chilli crab to the fullest, use your bare hands to savor the juicy crab with its sweet and spicy chilli sauce. Eat it with warm white race and feel the heaven in your mouth!

Keep Your Stomach Happy While Traveling to Singapore

When traveling to Singapore, you will find many delicious foods that will spike your appetite. Trying a country’s local dish is a good way to know the country’s heritage. Eat what you like while you’re traveling to Singapore, alright? Book your ticket to Singapore now through

Diet starts tomorrow, t-mates!