Join the Hype, Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore This Year

If you happen to visit Singapore around September, you can join the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival. There are some fun things to do in the Lion City during the month. So, don’t forget to invite your friends and family to come with you!

What is the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner! Celebrated by Chinese people across the globe, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the time where people gather with their family and friends at home or outside.

Also known as Harvest Moon Festival or Moon Festival, the festival is associated with the traditions of moon worship and moon viewing at night. During this time, people across China and other parts of the world that have a big Chinese population such as in Singapore, reunite with their family.

Besides family gathering, people usually give thanks to the gods about the blessings that they have received all this time. In addition, they pray for longevity, beauty, relationships, as well as good future.

Moon cake is an essential part of the festival. It is a pastry made with wheat flours and stuffed with delicious fillings such as lotus bean powder and sugar. The cake symbolize family reunions. People will gather together with their family on that special day, eating moon cakes and watching the full moon.


Mid-Autumn Festival

If you’re a tourist happen to visit Singapore, you can see that many stores inside shopping malls that sell moon cakes. Moreover, there are lanterns that decorate major tourist attractions that looks really beautiful.

How’s the History about the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Although there are many legends surrounding the cultural festival, the most famous one is involving the famous archer Hou Yi and his beautiful wife Chang’E.

The story started when in the ancient times, people believe that ten suns have existed. Due to the heat, Hou Yi shot down nine of the suns and a goddess gave him a magical elixir of immortality for his bravery.

In order to protect the elixir from being stolen, Chang’E swallowed it, and as a result, she flew to the moon and remained there forever. In her honor, people eat moon cakes.

When is the Mid-Autumn Festival 2019?

The festival starts on Friday 13 September 2019.

Where to Celebrate the Festival?

There are various spots in Singapore where you can get the feel of the Mid-Autumn festival. Malls across the city usually have little celebrations. However, if you prefer to see the big ones, you can either go to Gardens by the Bay or Chinatown.

1.  Gardens by the Bay

Mid-Autumn Festival

Stop by at Gardens by the Bay if you wanna watch spectacular lanterns with beautiful stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival. There will be a tall and wide display of floating lanterns stretching over 120 meters. The lanterns were inspired by Chinese folklore and traditions.

Around the Supertree Grove, there will be a giant revolving lantern. A legendary story of Chang’e and Hou Yi will flesh out on panels. Additionally, at Gardens by the Bay, you can also watch dragon dance, water colors and lattice of lights. 

Visitors who come to Gardens by the Bay can visit AIRMESH, a lantern-inspired pavilion that allow visitors to get an immersive experience of the gardens. The 30 sqm cantilevered 3D-printed steel structure is located along the Dragonfly lake.

There will be many other installations you can see around the Gardens by the Bay area such as the Colonnade of Lights, Illuminations of Joy, Garden Rhapsody and many more.

Each of the installation stays for a week or more than that. You can also take a look at more detailed information about the activities you can do at Gardens by the Bay.

2. Chinatown

Mid-Autumn Festival

The streets in Chinatown will be decorated with colorful lanterns and dazzling decorations. Various activities will be held from the end of August up to the last days of September. For instance, you can watch dragon dance performance, as well as spectacular fireworks displays.

Celebrate the festivity together with your family and friends. For kids, there will be a lantern painting competition. Do you want to taste Singaporean food? Don’t worry, you can also find many bazaars in Chinatown that serve a wide variety of foods.

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The full moon represents the symbol of abundance, harmony and prosperity. Chinese communities celebrate this festival in September this year. Join the hype of the festivity and explore hundreds of food stalls offering festive treats such as moon cakes, tea, and many delicious street foods!

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