Celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day on 17th August in These Unique Places!

Celebrate independence day in unique places – Indonesia proclaimed its independence on 17th August 1945 and the exact same date is coming very soon! This year Indonesia celebrates 74th of the Independence Day, and it surely will be filled up with numerous exciting events to enhance the unity.

Let’s do a lil flashback, do you know that Indonesia declared its independence from the Dutch colonization? Yup! It was in 1945 when the first president Soekarno read the proclamation of independence in front of hundreds of people, side by side with Mohammad Hatta.

Nowadays, many people celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day in various interesting places across the country! If you wanna join the special day festivity, here we’ve prepared 4 unique places to celebrate independence day.

4 Anti Mainstream Spots to Celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day, Unique and Fun!

This curated list is manually hand-picked for you to celebrate the independence day differently than other years before. Let’s take a look and have an exciting holiday in these anti-mainstream destinations!

1. At the top of the mountain

celebrate independence day in unique places_mountain

Indonesia is rich in its natural beauty. Numerous beautiful mountains can easily be found anywhere across the country. Today, a lot of people often decide to climb to the top of the mountain to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day while flying the red and white flag and sing the national song.

2. Underwater ceremony

celebrate independence day in unique places_underwater

You probably will ask, “Is this even possible?” and the answer is, yes it is! Besides mountains, underwater also often becomes a place to carry out the independence ceremony. Underwater can be either on the ocean or the big aquarium where the divers usually conduct the ceremony under the water in front of the visitors.

You can simply see the process of raising the Indonesian flag underwater at Sea World Ancol! Go check the schedule and bring your kids here, they will surely be having fun!

3. Historical sites

celebrate independence day in unique places_historical places

You can also try to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day at historic sites. One of the locations that are often used as a ceremony is the Prambanan Temple. Stay until the evening to see the breathtaking sunset bathed the temple complex!

Away from Jogjakarta? No worries, there are still plenty of interesting historical places in every city within Indonesia that worth your visit. National Monument in Jakarta or West Java People’s Struggle Monument in Bandung can be your choice. Learn history while celebrating the independence day!

4. Shopping malls or staycation at a hotel

17th August is a day that worth a festive celebration for anyone! Many shops usually offer massive discounts on this special day. Enjoy various interesting deals for your essentials from head to toe at your favorite shopping center.

If you’re not into clothing or kinds of stuff, hunt for the best deals of flight tickets and hotels anywhere across Indonesia, or even international destinations! Having a staycation with your squad or family can also be a good idea to spend your weekend.

Celebrate a Day with Your Loved Ones Somewhere

August will end very soon. Have a nice short getaway with your loved ones during this special day to appreciate what Indonesia has to offer. Enjoying the natural beauty of the archipelago with people you love will definitely be nice…

Running out of budget? Say no more! Check out the tips to hunt for cheap tickets and ready to be surprised by how much you can actually save up for holiday!