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Worry about Budget? Here are 8 Tips to Hunt for Cheap Tickets

Do you feel like you need a vacation now but worry about paying expensive flight tickets? You’re coming to the right place. Flight ticket doesn’t always cost you an arm and a leg.

There are dozens of airlines that offer cheap tickets if you know how to do it and where to find it. Learning how to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world will help you to save your travel expenses.

If you want to know how, here are 8 tips to hunt for cheap tickets! Follow these tips and just wait until you got the cheap airfare for your next trip – then you’ll be ready to board!

Tips on How to Hunt for Cheap Tickets for Your Vacation

Finding the best ticket deals by trying different booking sites, adjusting your dates, and waiting for the right time to purchase could be quite tiring. But if you’re willing to put a little time and effort by following these 8 easy tips, you could save big on your next flight. Read on!

1. Choosing a destination

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Before buying tickets, you surely need to choose a destination. To pick a destination can be very tricky because it also determines the price you have to pay for the flight ticket.

Instead of choosing a destination and spend days or weeks trying to find a flight deal, consider flying to where the cheap flights already are! Choose a destination you can comfortably afford and one that you’ll enjoy.

2. Buy early

If you want to travel during peak periods, making late reservations can cost you a fortune. Airline ticket prices usually go up two weeks before flying, so if you’re one step ahead in planning, you can book several months before the departure date and get the cheaper ones!

Check the fare at least twice a week and book early from three to six months in advance. Even better if you don’t have a fixed destination in mind so you can compare different fares to different cities and reserve your seat right away.

3. Know the best days to fly

Cheap flights can be found depending on the day and season you choose to fly! We’re gonna spill the tea so make sure you take note of these tips. The best day to fly out is on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday since those are typical off-peak days.

Meanwhile, Friday and Sunday are usually the most expensive days to fly. Keep in mind that it’s the day you actually fly, not the day you buy the ticket.

Additionally, flying up to 7 days before or after a holiday period will also be expensive. This also applies during tourist season or peak season, compared to the off-months period. Our suggestion is to avoid peak tourist season to get the cheaper flight tickets.

4. Consider buying roundtrip

Even if you’re only flying one way, sometimes a one-way ticket is more expensive than a roundtrip ticket. Therefore, before purchasing your ticket, always check both single and round trip to get the best price for your trip.

5. Be flexible

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There are two ways:

Be flexible on your arrival and departure date when booking flight tickets so you can easily compare a whole month. Meanwhile, if you have a fixed travel date, consider buying a refundable ticket so if there’s something unfortunate happens, you’ll get your money back.

Some airlines offer refundable service, while some others don’t. You need to check the policy accordingly. However, tiket.com offers a Worry-Free feature that allows you to release all your worries when you need to cancel your trip.

You’ll get a 100% refund if you cancel up to 4 hours before departure. Isn’t that crazy?! Now worry no more about buying flight tickets because a full refund is available for you!

6. The longest the cheaper

Try to book fare with connecting flight and hop off at the connecting airport to enjoy the city first during your long layover. Why would we suggest long transit hours, though? Because the cheapest tickets usually have the longest layover!

Some airports also offer the best services and facilities that you can enjoy, thus having a long time to wait for your next flight won’t be boring at all.

7. Join frequent flyer program

Frequent flyer miles are a good option to earn points towards cheaper fares, upgrades, free companion tickets, and even free flights!

Many programs are created by reputable airlines and they often recognize and honor others’ miles which have a partnership with them. You can also use credit cards to build up your miles more quickly!

8. Ready for great discounts

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Here we come to the last, but certainly the most prominent thing in hunting for cheap tickets. Always, always, always, be ready for great discounts! Some airlines and booking sites often offer a sudden season where they have big deals during certain periods.

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Traveling without Hurting Your Bank Account

Follow the 8 tips to hunt for cheap tickets above and you’ll be surprised by how much you can actually save up on your travel budget. Because, why paying a lot when you can save a lot more? Happy hunting and happy holiday, t-mates!