Wintertime? Discover These 10 Incredible Palaces and Castles in Russia!

During the winter months, most people envision long, dark days when the sun never rises above freezing, endless wind, or heavy rain in Russia. Well, technically the temperature will drop, but who says you cannot have a nice holiday on the colder days?

Russia in winter is chilly but still pulls in numerous travelers. It’s one of the best places on earth to visit during the winter season. Splendid in snow, visit the famous attractions and make yourself look like a winter king or queen at the beautiful castles in Russia.

10 Amazing Palaces and Castles in Russia You Should Visit

Experience the excellence of palaces and castles in Russia, under the mystical fresh white cover of snow. We’ve rounded up the top 10 palaces and castles in Russia that should be on your list. It’s impossible not to fall in love with those beautiful milestones and chronicled structures. Check them out below!

1. The Kremlin, Moscow

castles in russia

No vacation to Russia is complete without a visit to the Kremlin. Located in the largest fortified complexes in the whole country, the Kremlin is one of the most popular castles in Russia. It has a stunning view which overlooks the Moskva River, the colorful Saint Basil’s Cathedral, and the famous Red Square.

The complex itself actually consists of five palaces, four cathedrals, and the Grand Kremlin Palace. Now this lavishly and royally palace is being used as the official residence of the State. So if you’re a country’s representative, you could definitely walk down this beautiful palace.

Address: Moscow, Russia, 103073

Opening hours: Everyday except Thursdays, from 10 am to 6 pm

Entry ticket:

  • The Armory: 1,000 rubles
  • Diamond Fund: 500 rubles
  • The Cathedral Square: 700 rubles
  • Ivan the Great’s Bell Tower: 350 rubles

2. Catherine Palace, St. Petersburg

castles in russia

St. Petersburg is another city in Russia you should visit. There are several palaces in the city you should visit, one of them is Catherine Palace. The palace is home for a famous Russian monarch and was a royal residence of Peter’s.

Here you can see the dramatic fountains and waterfront setting of Peterhof, with a huge garden that surrounds the palace. This place will be extremely beautiful during spring and winter, especially when it covered by snow.

Address: Garden St, 7, Pushkin, St. Petersburg

Opening hours: Everyday except Tuesdays, from 10 am to 5 pm

Entry ticket: Adults 1,000 rubles, children 350 rubles, children under 16 free

3. Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg

castles in russia

The Peterhof Palace is a series of palaces and gardens located in Petergof, St. Petersburg. It was an expanded property of Peter the Great which has a majestic and elegant design, with its facade stretching for almost 300 meters.

There are the palace, the grand cascade, the upper garden, the lower park, fountains, and museums that will charm you during your visit to the Peterhof. In fact, its popular park still has more than 80 of the original marble statues and sculptures from Peter’s Palace!

Address: Razvodnaya Ulitsa, 2, St. Petersburg

Opening hours: Everyday from 9 am to 6 pm

Entry ticket: Entrance to all parks is free! However, the museum costs 1,000 rubles

4. Vorontsovsky Palace, Alupka

castles in russia

Situated in 16 km west of Yalta at Alupka, this Crimea’s most exotic palace-park complex was designed by English architects. Here, you can see the luxurious interior, an English-style dining hall, and also an indoor conservatory.

The structure of this Alupka Palace features the English Renaissance Revival style of architecture. Wanna get the best views? Don’t forget to visit the lush gardens behind the palace, which makes this a very popular tourist site.

Address: Dvortsove Hwy, 18, Alupka

Opening hours: Everyday from 9 am to 5 pm

Entry ticket: Entrance to the park is free

5. Kazan Kremlin, Kazan

If you’re going to Kazan, you should definitely visit the Kremlin in the city. Since most Tatars are Muslim, the focal point of Kazan’s Kremlin is not a church but rather a mosque. The blue-tipped minarets will remind you of the mosques in the middle-eastern countries.

Kazan Kremlin’s construction reunites the ensemble of the Kremlin while also enriches the architecture of the city and symbolizes the peaceful coexistence of different cultures in Islam and Christianity, making it an exceptional monument in Russia.

Address: Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

Opening hours: Everyday from 9 am to 7.30 pm

Entry ticket: Entrance is free except for the museums around 200 rubles

6. Garibaldi Castle

Garibaldi Castle boasts a medieval construction that was built in the Neo-Gothic style in the small town of Khryaschchevka, Samara. The palace will leave you in wonder with its historical exhibitions and dazzling stories. There are also gardens, a dock, and a restaurant that you can visit.

Discover the magic of ancient history, relive the romance of the Renaissance era, and heroic tales of rebellion at Garibaldi Castle. Enjoy the sculptures and gorgeous scenery of Samara from this beautiful medieval fantasy castle. Psst… You can also hold special events or weddings here!

Address: Rechnoy Pereulok, 8 Khryashchevka, Samara

Opening hours: Park is open for 24 hours

Entry ticket: Free

7. Winter Palace

Another magnificent palace in St. Petersburg is the Winter Palace. Besides being the most popular attraction in the city, this palace is probably the most famous among all the palaces in Russia. It was the official residence of the Russian tsars for almost two centuries.

Nowadays, the palace is home to the Russian State Hermitage Museum which will let you dive deep into a world of art and history. Don’t also forget to explore the halls which were once reserved exclusively for royalty. Take some photos around to make yourself look like a royal family.

Address: Palace Embankment, 32, St. Petersburg

Opening hours: Everyday except Mondays, from 10.30 am to 6 pm

Entry ticket: 300 – 730 rubles

8. Peter and Paul Fortress

Last but not least is Peter and Paul Fortress which famous because of its location and dramatic construction. It’s located on the spit of Vasilevskiy Island at the confluence of two great rivers and rises from a base of two connected stars.

This Italian-designed structure was built in the early 18th-century and has a big complex. You can spend a whole day here enjoying the panoramic views from the top castle which overlooks a fine sand beach. In wintertime, the sand beach will all be covered in snow just like in fairy tales!

Address: St. Petersburg, Russia

Opening hours: Everyday except Wednesdays, 10 am to 4 pm

Entry ticket: 750 rubles for combination tickets of several museums and exhibitions

9. Gatchina Palace

Gatchina Palace is the imperial estate located near St. Petersburg. This place was a family home of four generations of Romanov Tsars. Now, both the palace and park open to the public after the Revolution.

See valuable collections of paintings, furniture, porcelain, antique weapons, tapestries, and Italian sculptures of the royal court life. Feel the romance of the Russian Castle at its parks which has a picturesque landscape, spring-fed lakes, and remarkable architecture.

Address: Krasnoarmeysky Prospect, Gatchina, Leningrad Region

Opening hours: Everyday from 11 am to 7 pm

Entry ticket:

  • The Gatchina Palace: 200 – 400 rubles
  • The Priory Palace: 100 – 200 rubles
  • Combined tickets: 550 – 1500 rubles
  • The Venus Pavilion: 40 – 80 rubles
  • The Birch House: 40 – 80 rubles
  • The Private Garden: 40 – 80 rubles
  • The Signal Tower: 50 – 100 rubles

10. Ivangorod Fortress

The most important sightseeing point in Ivangorod is probably Ivangorod Fortress. This medieval castle is a truly impressive construction, which was built opposite to Narva Fortress, in a city located close to the border with Estonia.

Almost all the territory of Ivangorod Fortress is open for visitors, so you can freely explore even if its distant corners. However, do remember that the fortress is located near the border so the surrounding isn’t very well-developed. You better buy some food and drinks before coming here.

Address: Kingiseppskoye Shosse, 6, Ivangorod, Leningrad Oblast

Opening hours: Everyday from 10 am to 8 pm

Entry ticket: Adults 100 rubles, children 50 rubles

Warm Yourself Up During Wintertime

Winter holidays will be fun if you plan everything ahead. Book your flight ticket and hotel to Russia and be ready to have an awesome winter trip to one of the most beautiful winter destinations in the world! Don’t forget to include these palaces and castles in Russia into your itinerary.

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