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Top 6 Beijing Unusual Street Foods, Dare to Try?

Unusual Street Foods in Beijing – Adventurous enough to try unique and unusual foods? It is known to the world that Chinese people like to eat unusual animals as food. For example, when eating chicken, they eat not only chicken breast, but also chicken feet, gizzards, bone marrow and so on.

Apparently, what you can find in Wangfujing are more interesting than that! For those of you who are coming from Indonesia, you may already know people in Manado, North Sulawesi, eat dogs, monkeys, bats. In Beijing, you can find food vendors that sell unusual foods.

Unique Foods in Beijing for Adventurous People

When walking along the foods streets in Beijing, you can find unique foods that you might haven’t seen before. Here are some of those foods that are interesting to eat:

1. Insects (Grasshopper, Scorpion, Silkworm Pupae)

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Yes, you’ll see scorpions, starfishes, grasshoppers on a stick, ready to be served to tourists and local people in Wangfujing street, Beijing. Those bizarre offerings can be found in many food stalls along the street.

Insects usually are not part of Chinese diet, but it is served as cuisine in the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan. They consider those animals, including silkworm pupae, crickets and wasp larvae as having wonderful flavor. Would you like to try?

2. Tanghulu

Unusual Food in Beijing

A treat for kids, a sweet surprise for adults, Tanghulu it is. Tanghulu bright red hawthorn berries on a wooden stick, generously drizzled in sugar glaze. When you bite it, you can feel the hard crunch of the sugar and soft, meaty fruit inside.

Tanghulu is traditionally eaten during the winter time. However, today it is sold everywhere in tourist areas such as in old street, or around the public parks. Nowadays, the sellers usually use many kinds of fruits such as kiwi, strawberries, pineapples and much more.

3. Black Sticky Rice inside Pineapple

Unusual Food in Beijing

There is a version of sticky rice served inside a pineapple in Beijing, and you can find it in Wangfujing. This type of food is usually eaten by Dai people, or a Tai cultural group who lives in Southern China.

The rice, which is usually a mix of purple and white, is soaked overnight and steamed for around an hour. Then the steamed glutinous rice is put inside a ripe pineapple. Try the dish and see whether you like the taste or not!

4. Steamed Crab

You can find steamed crab cooked in front of you in Beijing’s night market. This is one of the famous snacks that local people like to eat in Beijing due to its freshness. Hairy crab is a special delicacy in China, it is often served in big restaurants.

5. Chinese Bun (Baozi)

Unusual Food in Beijing

Baozi is also a common food to eat for breakfast, or as a snack in Beijing. In the night markets or tourist areas you can easily find food vendors selling steamed baozi, which is a steamed bread roll with meat or vegetables fillings.

The bun is similar to the traditional Chinese mantou. Try eating baozi with your family and you’ll definitely love it.

6. Grilled Dumpling

Grilled dumplings is a must-eat snacks in Beijing. There are many different kinds of dumplings, such as vegetarian dumplings, pork dumplings, or seafood dumplings. They are all delicious, especially if you eat it from the country of origin, China.

Eat Beijing Unusual Street Foods

Make your vacation memorable by going to beautiful parks in Beijing and eat some unique food! Try it once and tell your friends about how interesting it was to eat those unusual food with many different tastes.

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