Explore 6 Beijing Beautiful Parks, Do Some Fun Activities!

Beautiful Parks in Beijing – Beijing is a metropolitan city of China with more than 20 million people. Sometimes, you might feel bored seeing the city landscape and just want to escape. In Beijing, you can do that inside the city because there are many beautiful parks you can visit during the day.

China’s past emperors built a number of gardens and parks that can still be enjoyed until today. Parks are great places to relax with your family and friends, do some activities with the locals like morning tai-chi, or fly kites with your children.

Worth to Visit Green Spaces in Beijing 

If you’re planning to visit Beijing anytime soon, put in your itinerary also some time to visit the parks. Besides knowing more of Beijing’s  culture and history by coming to the parks, you can also walk through the parks and relax. Here’s the pick of the bunch:

1. Taoranting Park

Beautiful Parks in Beijing

Taoranting Park is located in Xicheng District in Beijing. It has an area of 59 hectares of which 17 hectares is covered with water. The park has some famous spots that you can visit such as Taoran Pavilion, Cibei Temple and The China Garden of Famous Pavilions.

It is a popular public space that tourists usually come to enjoy boating on the lake, relaxing by sitting down close by the pavilion, and take pictures with the backgrounds of temples. In the morning, you can see visitors doing morning exercises, walking or going for a family outing.

2. Temple of Heaven

Beautiful Parks in Beijing

Temple of Heaven, also known as “Tiantan” in Chinese, is an imperial complex of religious buildings situated in Chongwen District, Beijing. This was originally the place where emperors of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) held the Heaven Worship Ceremony.

Temple of Heaven covers and area of 2.7 million square meters. It also has large parks where visitors can sit down and relax. You can find 60,000 varieties of trees, including the oldest three with unique shapes. Local people usually do many activities in the park such as cycling, running, dancing, playing chess and so on.

3. Beijing Olympic Park

Beautiful Parks in Beijing

Beijing Olympic Park was constructed in 2008 for the Summer Olympics. The park contained some popular venues, including Beijing National Stadium, Beijing National Aquatics Center or “Water Cube”, Beijing National Indoor Stadium and Promenade.

Bird’s Nest is the primary section of the Olympic Park, which is the national stadium. The shape of the bird nest symbolizes mankind’s hope for the future. Not far from the Bird’s Nest, there is a National Aquatics Center or “Water Cube”. Water Cube is opened for selected days for the public. Inside, you can do activities such as swimming, playing in the water rides and slides and in the wave pool.

4. Beihai Park

One of the largest Chinese gardens in Beijing is Beihai Park, located in the northwestern part of the Imperial City, Beijing. The public garden contains numerous historically important buildings like palaces and temples.

The park has an area of more than 69 hectares. A few notable places that you can visit inside the park is The White Pagoda, which is a high stupa placed on the highest point on Jade Flower Island, built to honor the visit of the 5th Dalai Lama in 1651.

Other interesting things to see is the Nine-Dragon Wall, which was built in 1402. It is made of glazed bricks of seven-colors; nine complete dragons playing in the clouds decorate both sides of the wall.

5. Yuyuantan Park

Yuyuantan is also named Jade Lake Park. Half of its total area of 137 hectares consist of water. If you want to see beautiful cherry blossoms during spring or around March to early April, this is the right place to go.

There is also a water tour in Yuyuantan Park. You can ride on an European style cruise ships and look at the scenic views around the garden. Around the park, you can also try traditional Beijing snacks such as fried potatoes on a stick, corn and so on.

6. Old Summer Palace

Old Summer Palace was constructed since 1707 and it still stands strong as of today. The palace is called “Yuanming Yuan” in Chinese. It is located northwest of Beijing to the east of the present-day Summer Palace.

In this palace, you can find hundreds of scenic spots such as pavilions, chambers, rivers and ponds, Chinese ancient landscape gardens and many more. Stroll around the parks and enjoy your time in Old Summer Palace.

Going to Beijing? Visiting Parks is Always a Good Idea!

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In Beijing, there are many tourist attractions besides parks. For instance, you can taste unusual street food in Wangfujing that you might not find anywhere else in the world! Have a great vacation, t-mates!