5 Awesome Podcasts to Inspire Your Wanderlust, Listen and Enjoy!

Listening to podcasts while going on a vacay can lessen your boredom, especially if you must take a long-haul flight to another country. There are many variations of travel podcasts that can give you specific info about a special destination, tips and tracks on how to live abroad and many more.

Listen to Podcasts, Enjoy Your Trip

We’ve made the list of travel podcasts that are worth listening to. Let’s read below!

1. Zero to Travel

This podcast will give you an inspiration if you want to travel the world with less money. Travel expert Jason Moore chats with adventurous people around the world and talk about their experiences. There are many inspiring stories of travel and advice for everyone from travel newbies to nomads. To listen to the podcast, click here.

2. Women on the Road

Travel Podcast

This podcast is about women who love to go on a trip to other countries. The stories will inspire you to make your dreams to see the world become a reality. The podcast includes interviews, in-the-field recordings with wide ranges of topics about women’s experiences on the road. The podcast is hosted by Laura Hughes. To listen to the podcast, click here.

3. The Thought Card

Hosted by Danielle Desir, this podcast is a travel finance blog that is meant to empower people to make informed decisions before going to other places. The podcast explores creative ways to get the most out of your travel while still being able to afford it. Listen to the podcast, here.

4. Travel Genius

Travel Podcast

Travel Genius is a weekly podcast from Bloomberg. Nikki Ekstein and Mark Ellwood are both journalists with the focus on travel. They talk about travel hacks, such as the secret to local restaurants in a destination. They often invite experienced globetrotter to share their travel experiences as well.

The purpose of the podcast is to help you become smarter when you go abroad. It is a podcast with casual and fun language, suitable for all types of listeners.To listen to the podcast, click here. 

5. Travel Couple 

Do you love spending your vacation time with your significant other? If you do, the Travel Couple Podcast talk about traveling with partner and how to earn money while on the road. It also talks about relationships, finding remote work, blog, vlog, photographs and so much more! To listen to the podcast, click here

Podcasts to Enjoy While You’re Visiting Other Country

Wanna find a one stop podcast for travel, relationship or business? You can listen to the podcasts mentioned above. Sometimes when you’re tired reading blogs, listening to podcasts can be an alternative.

When visiting other country, don’t forget to always carry your passport with you anywhere you go. If in any case you lost your passport, there are some ways you can do to solve the problem. Ready to see the world? Book your flight only at tiket.com.