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Amazing Underwater View in Indonesia

Underwater Scenery – As an archipelago, it is not surprising that Indonesia has hundreds of islands with amazing underwater views. Indonesia is a paradise for beautiful underwater scenery for those of you who like diving. Diving among thousands of beautiful fish, seeing a wide variety of coral reefs, and other marine life does indeed provide incomparable pleasure.

This makes Indonesia one of the favorite countries and must be visited to channel your diving hobby. Moreover, there are still so many underwater views on the Indonesian island that are still clear and free from rubbish. So, you can enjoy this rare panorama with satisfaction.

Underwater Scenery in Indonesia

Have you tried diving yet? If so, where are you doing this high-courage water sport? No need to go far out of the country, because Indonesia has a lot of islands with very beautiful underwater views.

Guaranteed, once you try to dive and see the underwater beauty, it will make you addicted to try this again! Approximately, of these 8 islands with underwater views in Indonesia, where have you traveled?

  1. Takabonerate Marine Park

Pemandangan Bawah Laut Indonesia - Taman Laut Takabonerate

First, there is an amazing underwater view in Selayar Islands, South Sulawesi. Takabonerate Marine Park is a marine park that is said to be the 3rd largest marine park after Kwajifein in Marshall and Suvadiva in the Maldives. So, no wonder that many tourists are eyeing Takabonerate as a place to dive and explore the underwater beauty.

  1. Raja Ampat Islands

Pemandangan Bawah Laut Indonesia - Raja Ampat

Who is not familiar with the Raja Ampat Islands? This island located in West Papua is a definition of natural beauty that has no cry. Vacation to Raja Ampat, you will not only witness the beauty of the surrounding environment but also with the underwater scenery. The blue sea water, large rocks with green trees, all feel perfect like landscape paintings painted by professional artists.

  1. Bunaken National Park

Pemandangan Bawah Laut Indonesia - Bunaken

The underwater beauty of a protected national park is still one of the favorite diving objects. Located in the waters of the Gulf of Manado, North Sulawesi, you can dive and explore the underwater scenery that is able to hypnotize the eye. Even hours of diving don’t feel very satisfied, buddy. See millions of fish dancing near you and witness the beauty of coral reefs and other marine life that make you forget the land!

  1. Derawan Islands Marine Park

Pemandangan Bawah Laut Indonesia - Kepulauan Derawan

Islands located in East Kalimantan are indeed fairly difficult to reach. In fact, you are advised to take a tour to Derawan Island so that your holiday feels more enjoyable. However, the difficulty of going to this one tourist spot will pay off, after you see the underwater scenery on this Derawan Island. Its beauty can indeed make you reluctant to rise to the surface.

  1. Wakatobi Marine Park

Pemandangan Bawah Laut Indonesia - Wakatobi

Sulawesi Island is one of the islands which is a paradise for underwater scenery. Wakatobi Marine Park is one of the many islands that have unparalleled underwater beauty. With the depth of the sea reaching 1,044 meters below sea level, it’s no wonder that Wakatobi is a favorite destination for divers both locally and internationally.

  1. Karimunjawa Marine Park

Pemandangan Bawah Laut Indonesia - Karimun Jawa

Switching from islands in Central and Eastern Indonesia, you who live around Java can also enjoy the underwater beauty that is right in Central Java Province. Karimunjawa Marine Park, one of the destinations that you can visit to see the amazing underwater scenery.

In Karimunjawa, you can also get a swimming experience with sharks that will not be forgotten. The beauty of the scenery above the sea with the stretch of white sand and clear blue sea water makes Karimunjawa look even more charming.

  1. Komodo Island

Pemandangan Bawah Laut Indonesia - Pulau Komodo

Do you know, buddy, it turns out that Komodo Island is not only famous for its land which is the habitat of ancient Komodo dragons. But it is also one of the islands with underwater beauty that holds a precious treasure of enchanting marine life. There are several diving spots on the island of Komodo which even became the spotlight of the world. You can try to do water sports like diving to witness the underwater beauty on this NTT Island.

  1. Togean Islands

Pemandangan Bawah Laut Indonesia - Kepulauan Togean

Togean Islands are the last islands you can visit to see the beauty of the underwater tiket.com version. This Togean Islands is located in Tomini Bay, Central Sulawesi. This white sand beach has an underwater attraction that is able to hypnotize travelers of various worlds to be able to witness its beauty.

Of the 8 islands mentioned above, which island has caught your eye and can’t wait to visit it? Have a plan to go vacation? You can read How to Pack Conveniently and Efficiently for Vacation so you don’t need to bring an extra suitcase. Booking flight ticket at tiket.com to those 8 destinations!