Packing Tips


How to Pack Conveniently and Efficiently for Vacation

Have your leave request approved? Finally now you can make your vacation plan happens. You can get away from office daily routines to make your mind fresh again. Go to some recreational places and enjoy the time being there, have fun all day. Especially if you are having this holiday on a long weekend.

Well, there is not too much to be prepared before you go on your vacation. Book flight with affordable price, check! Book nice hotel to stay, check! Camera to capture the moments, check! But how about your bag and all the stuff inside it? What should I bring for the trip? What stuff should I put inside my bag? Well, we are here to help you.

How to Pack Conveniently and Efficiently for Vacation

For some people, packing bag for vacation is a challenging task, even they have been traveling for several times. Sometimes, they want to pack all the things they don’t need to a bag and only make it bigger and heavier, or maybe your bag can’t contain all your stuff.

Well, there are some things you need to know before you pack your bag and go on a vacation. Check a few helpful tips below to know anything you need to do and have a wonderful trip wherever you go.

1. Roll Your Clothes

The first tips to get packed efficiently for traveling is to roll your clothes. By doing so, you can save more space inside your bag and contain more other important stuff. You can see the differences is quite significant when you folding and rolling your clothes. Rolling your clothes also make it easier for you to access all your stuff inside your bag and take what you need.


But if you must fold your clothes, make sure that you are using papers to cover them so they won’t get crumpled. Yet you must know that rolling your clothes is the best options to pack them inside your bag.

2. Use Bubble Wrap

Not all stuff that you store inside your bag is shock-proof. Things like camera, lenses, laptop, etc are very prone to break when get hit by other hard objects. By using bubble wrap, all those stuff will be more secured when you are traveling because of the soft wrapping.


But if you are running out of space, you can cover all those fragile stuff with your clothes. You can use this as an alternative if you want more space on your bag or you can’t find any bubble wrap near you.

3. Bring Small Pouches

The next tips for efficient packing is by utilizing small pouches. Even this pouches are small, but you can’t take it lightly. These pouches will give you a great support to manage all the things inside your bag.


You can use these small pouches to contain all small stuff so they won’t get moving around inside your bag. Stuff like cables, charger, earphones, etc will be placed safely inside those pouches. Besides that, pouches will also make your things inside the bag neat and help you to find that little stuff, just in case you need them later suddenly. Using pouches could also minimize the risk of losing your little stuff and keep them dry.

4. Sort Your Stuff

If you sorted the stuff you store inside your bag, it will not only spare much room for other stuff but also make it easier for you to find what you need. Don’t mix those stuff altogether because it will only make a mess and difficult if you want to take something out of the bag quickly. You also don’t want something spilled all over your clothes like soap, drink bottle, etc.

All Bags Are Packed and Ready to Go

Well, if your bag is all packed neat and tidy, now is time to get departed. Pick a place to go and get going. You can find the best price for your flight, train, or hotel on Wherever you go, don’t forget to pack your bag with all the tips above so you can bring all your important stuff in one clean place.