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7 Tourist Attractions in Maribaya You Can Visit While Holidays!

Tourist Attractions in Maribaya – tourist attractions become one of the destinations that are still popular today to go on vacation whether it’s during a long vacation or just a weekend. The city that is a favorite for vacation one of them is the city of Bandung. In Bandung itself, it is divided into several regions that provide various kinds of tourist attractions.

This time, we will discuss tourist attractions in Maribaya. Located in Lembang, Bandung, there are many tourist attractions in Maribaya that you can visit for a vacation. Beautiful atmosphere typical of the countryside with a background of hills and mountains, it is not surprising that Bandung became a favorite tourist destination. Especially for those of you who live in Jakarta, who usually see rows of high rise buildings and traffic jams in the capital city.

Visiting a beautiful place with cool air like Bandung can certainly make your mind calmer, and your body feels more relaxed. You are planning a vacation to Bandung but don’t know where the suitable destination is? If so, see the following tourist attractions in Maribaya Bandung, Ticket Friend!

Tourist Attractions in Maribaya Here is the 7 Recommendations Place For You

  1. The Maribaya Lodge

Who doesn’t know the Maribaya Lodge? Maribaya tourist attractions are becoming a favorite destination for tourists for vacation, especially young people. Why? Because The Maribaya Lodge provides various kinds of vehicles that are also instagenic and really hits.

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For example, such as sky swing, sky bike, sky tree, and hot air balloon are the favorites of visitors here. You will get the experience of playing rides that are quite challenging in the background of green shady trees. So, it’s really a perfect combo to get cool photo results to upload on your social media.

For those of you who come with family, this one Maribaya Bandung tourist spot also provides a camping area! Guaranteed to be fun and unforgettable, you can camp with themes that blend with nature. Can’t wait to be able to take a vacation to the tourist attractions in this Maribaya lounge?

  1. Begonia Flower Park

Want to get a cool and romantic atmosphere at the same time? You can come to this Maribaya tourist spot. Located on Jalan Raya Maribaya No.120 A, Lembang, Bandung, Begonia Flower Garden has many types of flowers which are certainly beautiful and interesting to look at. In fact, this tourist spot in Marabaya also provides several instagramable photo spots also.

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Interested in buying flowers for couples or caring for them at home? Begonia Flower Garden can also be realized! You can buy several types of flowers at this place starting from the price of Rp 20,000.

  1. Keraton Cliff

Tempat Wisata di Maribaya-tebing-keraton

Not far from Maribaya, there are tourist attractions that you can’t pass while in Bandung. Yep, Keraton Cliff is indeed known as a tourist spot with amazing natural scenery and makes it difficult to move on! You can also watch the phenomenon of the sunset with a spot that fits right from the top of this cliff. Sure, you will be amazed when you see that natural beauty.

  1. Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort

The next tourist attractions in Maribaya is the Natural Hot Spring Resort, or also known as the Maribaya Hot Springs. Tourist attractions in Maribaya are indeed suitable as a holiday destination with family. In this place, you can feel soaking in hot water containing sulfur and is believed to cure various kinds of skin diseases.


The natural atmosphere is still quite thick, even though this Maribaya tourist destination has been renovated and there are several new buildings such as resorts and cafes to relax and stay overnight. You can also visit several places that are divided into several parts within the Natural Hot Spring Resort. To enter into tourist attractions in Maribaya, you will be charged a fee of Rp 35,000. This price does not include payment of other rides.

  1. Maribaya Waterfall

Maribaya Waterfall is a tourist destination in Maribaya which is still included in the Hot Spring Resort tourist attractions. According to legend, the name of Maribaya waterfall is taken from the name of a beautiful girl, namely Maribaya. Maribaya Waterfall is a tourist spot in Maribaya which has several waterfalls in one location.

Tempat Wisata di Maribaya-maribaya-waterfall

After renovations, this Maribaya Bandung tourist spot has several interesting spots to visit or just take a picture. Coming to this place is can relieve your stress.

  1. Sky Bridge Halimun Tread

Having a distance not too far from The Maribaya Lodge makes you able to vacation with satisfaction in Bandung. Halimun Tread is still inside the Maribaya Hot Spring Resort tourist spot. In this place, you can visit various places that are provided, such as mini zoos, hobbit houses, and the view of the waterfall that soothing.

This Tapak Halimun Bridge has a length of about 200 meters and allows you to see the beautiful scenery of Maribaya from above. This bridge is also used as one of the favorite spots for visitors to take pictures.

  1. Telaga Giri Pond

The last tourist spot in Maribaya is Telaga Giri Pool. In this place, there is a fishing pond that you can enjoy. So, besides vacationing and enjoying the cool air in this place, you can try various kinds of rides and game arenas.

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Those are 7 Maribaya tourist destinations that you can visit during weekends or when holidays arrive. With affordable prices and beautiful scenery, you will definitely feel more relaxed and entertained. So, where are the tourist attractions in Maribaya that you want to visit while on vacation?

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