Things to do In Makassar


6 Most Exciting Things to Do in Makassar You Shouldn’t Miss

Makassar is the fifth largest city in Indonesia and also the capital of the South Sulawesi province. Formerly the city had the name Ujung Pandang, until finally in 1999 the name was changed to Makassar. So don’t be surprised if there are still many locals who still call the city as Ujung Pandang instead of Makassar, after all it is the same.

With a long history, the city of Makassar continues to grow as one of the largest metropolitan cities in Indonesia. With high business activities, the city has become a fairly busy city. But in fact, not everyone comes here to do business, because the city also has many very famous tourist attractions. There are definitely a lot of things you can do in Makassar.

Things to Do in Makassar

To start the day and give you enough energy to explore the beauty of Makassar city is breakfast with Coto Makassar. This menu is very favored by Makassar residents as a food choice in the morning. This menu consists of beef broth that you can eat with rice. Don’t forget to add drops of lime to make it more delicious. When you are full and ready to go, let’s continue with the adventure in Makassar.

The Best Things to Do in Makassar

This busy city’s tourist attractions are becoming increasingly more popular over time for both local and foreign tourists. There are many places in Makassar that promise beauty and satisfaction to visit such as the beaches, culinary, historical places, and also the friendly locals who add its own value. What are things to do in Makassar that you must not miss?

1. Fort Rotterdam

Things to Do in Makassar

Back to around the 15th century, during the struggle of  Indonesian in fighting for independence and to vanquish the Dutch occupation, Sultan Hasanuddin agreed that this fort was part of a peace agreement.

When the Dutch occupied this fort, they changed its name from Benteng Ujung Pandang to Fort Rotterdam. This fort is still well maintained until now and to visit here is one of the most famous things to do in Makassar.

2. Losari Beach

Things to Do in Makassar

Losari Beach is a very popular beach in Makassar. Most people come here to enjoy the beautiful sunset. It is also supported by a very dramatic and enchanting beach scene. Here you are strongly advised to taste a food called Pisang Epek that you can buy around the area. This place is very clean so that you will feel comfortable to be here.

3. Amirul Mukminin Mosque

Things to Do in Makassar

Built in 2009, the Amirul Mukminin Mosque, also known as the floating mosque, is located on Losari Beach. You have to visit this beautiful mosque while you are in Makassar, especially when it starts to get dark where the lights around the mosque are lit and reflected in the water, making it very beautiful.

In addition, if you visit this place during the month of Ramadan, this mosque is very crowded to be used as a place to break the fast. This mosque can accommodate up to 500 people for congregational prayers.

4. Malino Tea Plantation

Things to Do in Makassar

Nest is the Malino Tea Plantation. In here you can enjoy tea “on the clouds”. Formerly the Malino Tea Plantation was used as a resort by the Dutch. Located in the highlands, precisely on Mount Malino, this tea plantation is complete with cafes and mini zoo. The view that you can see from this tea plantation is like being surrounded by clouds, making it look like you are in the sky.

5. Samalona Island

Things to Do in Makassar

Samalona Island is also become one of the best places to visit in Makassar. You can go to this island by a boat for about 45 minutes. On this island you can do fun activities such as snorkeling and diving. And because the water is very clear, you can see all the amazing underwater life, such as corals and swimming fish.

6. Trans Studio Makassar

Things to Do in Makassar

A mall in Makassar contains excitement inside it. It is the Trans Studio Makassar indoor theme park. In here you not only can shop and eat but also have fun with your family all in one place. Trans Studio Makassar is the third largest indoor playground in the world. You can ride various kinds of rides and other exciting activities.

Best Place to be Your Next Vacation

With all those things to do in Makassar, starting from historical sites, delicious food, beautiful scenery, and also the excitement of the theme park, you have many reasons to come to this city. Also check out this cool tourist spot in Surabaya. You also do not need to worry about a place to stay because you can book cheap hotels easily via