Tempat Wisata di Surabaya


Tourist Spots in Surabaya Which Will Make You Feel Like Abroad

Holiday around the world? Who doesn’t want to? Exploring various countries with diverse cultures, culinary to different communities, its becomes a pleasant experience. Especially if you can photograph cool monuments in various countries around the world. Oops, don’t need to be sad, if your budget isn’t enough just try visiting Surabaya.

You can visit a number of tourist attractions in Surabaya that look like they’re overseas! Want to know where are those? Check out, here!

Tourist Attractions in Surabaya

  1. Atlantis Land

Being in an amusement park named Kenjeran Park, this tourist spot in Surabaya has a feel as fun as Disneyland. Officially opened in December 2017, Atlantis Land is a water tourism spot with a magnificent palace standing like a palace in Disney cartoons. Standing on land with an area of almost 15 hectares, Atlantis Land was designed by an architect from Australia.

Visitors can explore many of the areas, ranging from the attraction of rainbow waterfalls, swimming pools with various types of water slides, to the Atlantis Land museum. You can take pictures with the background of a magnificent palace building as if it looks like at Disneyland abroad. What a cool place!

  1. Tian Ti Pagoda

Tourism in East Asian countries such as Japan and China is indeed one of the most famous destinations in the world. Well, if you want to feel the atmosphere like it is in those countries, there is a tourist spot in Surabaya called the Tian Ti Pagoda. The Pagoda is a type of temple with a roof arrangement stacked on top of it.

Tempat Wisata di Surabaya - Pagoda Tian Ti

The Tian Ti Pagoda is still in the same area as Atlantis Land, namely Kenjeran Park. The dominant color of the red building is inspired by the temple building of Temple of Heaven or Tian Tan located in Beijing. You can take pictures around the pagoda or see the flower weeds and selfies here. I can guarantee, the photos that you take are look like in China, not in Surabaya.

  1. Keputih Bamboo Forest

Tempat Wisata di Surabaya - Hutan Bambu Keputih

This one plant can usually only be found in Japan or China, you can now enjoy it directly in Indonesia. This tourist spot in Surabaya, which is called Keputih Bamboo Forest, has an area of 8.5 hectares and is overgrown with bamboo trees. You can feel the atmosphere like being in the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan.

Uniquely what you need to know, it turns out that the Keputih Bamboo Forest was a garbage dump. The local government finally decided to remodel this place into a tourist location that could be enjoyed by the community. Don’t be surprised, if you will find a lot of people enjoying selfies here even using kimono clothes like Japanese people. You can also enjoying moment to the Sakura Flower Park which is located opposite the Keputih Bamboo Forest.

  1. Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument

Lots of great statues known in the world such as the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil and Surabaya also have sculptures that are no less cool. Located in the East Armada Ujung Complex, this statue has become a tourist spot in Surabaya that symbolizes the glory and power of the Indonesian sea.

The Jalesveva Jayamahe monument is shaped like a figure of an Indonesian Navy officer dressed in complete service with his sword of honor. Having a high monument reaching 30.6 meters this statue is supported by a building with a height of 30 meters. This towering statue was designed by a Balinese sculptor named I Nyoman Nuarta. Standing upright facing the Madura Strait, this statue also serves as a beacon for ships around.

  1. Colosseum Club House

Have you seen a film that tells the Gladiator knight? Taking place in a large arena called the Colosseum, now you don’t have to go far to Europe. There are tourist attractions in Surabaya that have architectural buildings resembling the Colosseum in Rome, namely the Colosseum Club House.

Tempat Wisata di Surabaya - Colosseum Club House

An elite housing complex, this place is located in the area of Wisata Bukit Mas. The architecture of buildings and sculptures that are similar to the Colosseum like in Rome, Italy is an attraction for the people and tourists. There are several facilities available to the public such as basketball and tennis courts, badminton courts, table tennis to swimming pools.

  1. Four Face Buddha Statue

Apart from in Bangkok, Thailand, it turns out that Surabaya also has tablets of four-faced Buddhist statues. If in Bangkok called Thao Maha Brahma, there are tourist attractions in Surabaya that have similar statues. Located in the Ria Kenjeran Beach area, you can reach this place about 9 km from the center of Surabaya.

Tempat Wisata di Surabaya - Patung Budha Empat Wajah

With a height of up to 36 meters with a dome on top of a statue, this tourist attraction was inaugurated since 2004. The four faces on this statue symbolize the four Buddhist characteristics, namely compassion, generosity, fairness and meditation. If you has the opportunity to visit this place, don’t forget to respect the Buddhists who are worshiping around this statue.

Well, even though the budget is limited but you can still travel abroad just by going to Surabaya. Some tourist location objects above, can be included in the list of tourist attractions in Surabaya that you can visit. You’re planning a holiday but the budget doesn’t enough? You can read How to Travel on A Budget for Students as your reference to travel with low budget. Holiday to Surabaya, you can book flight ticket to Surabaya at tiket.com!