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10 Most Popular Medan Souvenirs That You Must Buy!

Commonly called as Kota Melayu Deli, Medan is one of the big cities in Indonesia. Located in the northern part of Indonesia, Medan is also one of the trading cities because it is close to the Malacca Strait. If you are planning to visit Medan, and you are confused about what you need to buy as souvenirs, don’t worry. Here are recommendations for typical Medan souvenirs that can be an option for you. Check it out!

Best Medan Souvenirs

1. Bika Ambon

Medan Souvenirs - Bika Ambon

Don’t get it wrong about the name. Although there is an Ambon word in it, but Bika Ambon is a typical Medan souvenirs. The word Ambon comes from the name of the street where this culinary is sold, namely Ambon Street. It has a soft and hollow texture, Bika Ambon cake made from flour, eggs, sugar, coconut milk and many more. Besides the original taste, this cake is also sold with various flavors such as chocolate, cheese, mocha and pandanus.

2. Bolu Meranti

Medan Souvenirs

Among all those new cake brands with artist name in it that’s spread in various cities in Indonesia, including Medan also, yet Bolu Meranti cake still remains popular among tourists and still a typical Medan souvenir. Bolu Meranti is a sponge roll with sweet cream in it and topped with different flavors such as chocolate and cheese. Having a soft cake texture, this cake is suitable to be enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee.

3. Durian Pancakes

Medan Souvenirs

Medan is very very popular with Durian. Having a strong aroma, this fruit is the prime-star for people who visit Medan. If you want to bring durian as Medan souvenirs without the hassle, you can buy durian pancakes. This processed culinary is durian fruit mixed with cream and then put into thin rolled omelet with various colors. Besides that, you don’t need to worry because this cake will not cause a strong durian smell.

4. Pia Tamiang

Pia Tamiang is also one of the most popular Medan souvenirs that you must try it yourself when you are visiting Medan. Pia Tamiang has been popular since 40 years ago with the name Pia Hou Chen. Tamiang is also taken from the name of the street where this cake shop is on, namely Tamiang Street. Pia is wrapped in units in one box containing four flavors or one box that has only one flavor variant. This snack has a variety of different flavors ranging from chocolate, cheese, red beans to salty ones such as shredded pork and vegetarian special pies.

5. Sale Fish

Medan Souvenirs

If you have known the Pisang Sale that made from banana, this typical Medan souvenirs are a bit different. This food has a unique ingredient that is Limbat Catfish. How to make it is simple, you only need to dry them under the sun. Sale fish can be eaten directly as a snack or reprocessed into various dishes, such as sauteed or mixed into fish curry.

6. Lemang Medan

This typical Medan souvenir is made from sticky rice mixed with coconut milk and then rolled with banana leaves. The cooking process must also be put into bamboo and then grilled. Lemang has a fluffy and savory taste that is suitable for eating with other foods such as sweet and legit durian fruit. Lemang is also widely sold during certain holidays or during the month of Ramadan. This dish is usually sold as takjil to break the fast.

7. Sidikalang Coffee

Medan Souvenirs

Indonesia has various types of coffee that are well known to foreign countries ranging from, Toraja Coffee, Gayo Coffee, to Luwak Coffee. If you visit Medan, don’t forget to buy try Sidikalang Coffee of Medan. The name of this coffee is taken from its production area, Sidikalang, which is located in Dairi district, North Sumatra. The strong aroma and has a low acid level is a characteristic of this coffee. Many coffee shops in the city of North Sumatra use Sidikalang coffee as their beans.

8. Passion Fruit Syrup

Medan Souvenirs

Who doesn’t like syrup? Sweet and practical drinks with various fruit flavors are always refreshing your thirst. Don’t forget to buy this typical Medan souvenir when you leave Medan, the passion fruit syrup. Made from the original Passion fruit juice grown in the Karo region, this syrup has an sour sweet taste and contains vitamin C and antioxidants that are good for the body. Certainly, this syrup can be included in the list of gifts that you have to buy in Medan.

9. Medan Anchovy

Medan Souvenirs

This processed food is one of the most popular side dishes. This special Medan souvenir is suitable to be eaten or mixed with other dishes to add savory flavor. Medan anchovy has a smaller form than anchovy in general and is usually fried with spicy spices and mixed with peanuts. Available in processed anchovy that is ready to eat or still raw. You can go around Jalan Majapahit to taste this delicious food.

10. Ulos Cloth

Medan Souvenirs

If you want to buy Medan souvenirs other than snacks, you can buy famous fabrics from Medan, namely Kain Ulos. Having a variety of bright colors, Ulos fabrics are usually worn at certain times such as rituals or other cultural activities such as wedding ceremonies to funeral processions. This cloth is shaped like a long scarf which is usually worn on the body or as a headband.

Various special Medan souvenirs above can be your reference for you to determine what to bring home when visiting Medan. Check also these useful tips should you are planning to go on a vacation during rainy season.

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