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5 Unique and Unusual Gift Ideas for Anyone’s Upcoming Birthday

Unique birthday gifts – Whenever someone you know, especially someone you love, is having a birthday, you always want to be able to find the perfect present for them.

When it comes to those milestone moments, it’s always nice to treat someone to something they weren’t expecting. Finding unique birthday gifts isn’t hard at all! With thousands of options to choose from, we’ve got the perfect gifts to give.

Here are 5 unique birthday gifts you may not have thought of, but certainly will make it wonderful for anyone’s upcoming birthday!

5 Things to Give As a Birthday Present

Your parents, best friends, or partner will surely like cakes and balloons. However, let’s put a little extra when finding the perfect gift that’ll kick off their next year of life in style. To guarantee the best year yet, consider these thoughtful birthday gifts that you can give to your loved ones.

1. Pet

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Giving a pet as a gift can be the most generous present a person can give to a loved one — a gift that will keep on giving for the next few years later. Besides, who could resist the cuteness of a pet when they cuddle and kiss us, anyways?

Before you give this present to anyone, make sure what they like first and how good they take care of a pet. Whether it’s a cat, dog, rabbit, or probably a bird, it’s good to know their preferences and essential things to have before having a pet.

2. Plants

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This might look simple but actually very unique and has a deep meaning. When you give someone a plant, you’re giving them the gift of good health because they will breathe fresher air because of your gift. 

To top it all, unlike other gifts, plants do not expire or get outdated. As long as the person nurture it well, the plants you give will stay forever. Some of the plants that you can give are amaryllis, orchids, lavender, roses, peperomia, arrowhead vine, or herbs.

3. Homemade Brownie

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A cake is just too mainstream, how about a homemade brownie instead? Looking simple yet unique and tasty at the same time, the effort that you put when baking the brownie by yourself also makes it even more special to give!

Nothing compares to a fresh from the oven warm fudgy brownie. A homemade brownie is perfect to mix up and keep on hand for everyone. The recipe is also easy, no fuss, and requires simple ingredients! This brownie can be a delectable gift for anyone you love.

4. Hotel voucher

Treat a friend or loved one to a revitalizing holiday break with at a cozy hotel anywhere. Hotel vouchers are the ideal gift for any special someone and for any occasion. Take the stress out of choosing the perfect gift by giving out the hotel voucher!

If you still have any trouble deciding which hotel to stay in… Check out an array choice of hotels at tiket.com as you can see the real reviews, ratings, and complete information about anything you need to know about your favorite hotel.

5. Flight ticket

Last but certainly not least, the most memorable yet unique gift you can get for someone you dear is that a flight ticket to somewhere! Travel is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to someone, especially if they like to travel and explore new places.

The idea of giving and planning a trip as a gift is a good one. People nowadays also tend to value experiences over material possessions. Book the ticket at tiket.com and enjoy interesting deals to give a grand holiday gift gesture!

Preparing a Birthday Celebration for Someone Special Without Hosting a Party

Besides giving a present, a birthday is also identical to a surprise and celebration. There are various fun ways to share happiness and laughs during this big day, and it doesn’t have to be a party!

If your special person is turning a year older soon, check out this round-up of 8 fun ways to celebrate a birthday and surprise them in a way they wouldn’t imagine.