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Top 7 Rides in Trans Studio Bandung You Need to Go On

Top Rides in Trans Studio Bandung – Many people are now looking to spend their free time in amusement parks to relieve stress and get new experience. Usually, popular theme parks are located in strategic locations, such as in the middle of big cities.

One of the favorite recreational parks in Indonesia is Trans Studio Bandung that offers many varieties of rides you can enjoy. This amusement park has indoor thrilling rides you can get on with your friends and family. Since all of the rides are indoors, you don’t need to worry about getting wet when it’s raining. Isn’t that nice?

Top Rides in Trans Studio Bandung

If you are curious about what rides in Trans Studio Bandung that you need to get on at least once while you’re there, refer to the lists we have prepared for you below. Certainly, your time in Trans Studio Bandung will not be wasted.

1. Yamaha Racing Coaster

Wahana di Trans Studio

Yamaha Racing Coaster is a sensational roller coaster that you need to try in Trans Studio Bandung. As the name suggests, this roller coaster ride runs at a high speed with the acceleration that reaches 120 kilometers per hour in 3.5 seconds.

One thing that makes it special, albeit thrilling, is that the roller coaster will take you forward and backward. This type of roller coaster is quite rare in the world. Yamaha Racing Coaster can go up as high as 50 meters, which will definitely pump your adrenaline.

2. Giant Swing

Other adrenaline pumping ride that you can try in Trans Studio Bandung is Giant Swing. Using a similar concept as a swing, but made into a very large size, the Giant Swing is a ride that looks like a big pendulum.

Each of the swings will give you a strong sense of excitement. Enjoy the ride with your friends and family to make it more exciting! The game is quite fun and thrilling at the same time.

Visitors will be sitting down, and the game will start when the ride swings slowly. Then, the speed of Giant Swing will increase steadily. The swing can reach 18 meters high.

3. Vertigo

If you like the sensation of getting on the Giant Swing, you probably will also like to Vertigo. Vertigo is one of the extremes rides you can try in Trans Studio Bandung.

The ride will rotate 360 degrees at different speeds, and make you completely dizzy. The ride will rotate, going up and down to a top height of about 20 meters. If you ‘re looking for an extreme ride, you should try this ride. Vertigo will definitely make you scream out loud!

4. Dunia Lain (Other World)

If you like things that are scary or mystical, you need to visit the Dunia Lain (Other World) ride at Trans Studio Bandung. This game was named after a local horror reality show in Indonesia.

In this game you will walk through a dark room filled with ghosts. Even though you know that this is just a game, you will still be surprised by the appearance of every ghost inside. Scared? Bring your friends with you, so you’ll not feel alone, t-mates!

5. Negeri Raksasa (A Giant Country)

Negeri Raksasa is a ride at Trans Studio Bandung that makes you experience free-fall initially, followed by rapid heavy deceleration. You’ll be lifted to the top, and then released to free-fall down. It feels like you are going to fall down from the fifth floor building. Isn’t that exhilarating?

Even though you’ll be lifted up to a height of approximately 20 meters and suddenly released down quickly, you need not to worry because the ride is totally safe! Just enjoy the ride and have fun!

6. Transcar Racing

Transcar Racing is perfect for you who like car racing. When you’re inside the car, you will feel like you’re in the racing circuit, driving your own car to reach the finish line. The track for this Transcar Racing has a length of up to 700 meters, with 25 cars that have been designed specially for this ride.

In this vehicle, you will feel like you are in a racing circuit and driving your own race car to reach the finish line. Transcar Racing is one of the most popular rides in Trans Studio, especially for youngsters.  

7. Marvel Superheroes 4D

Wahana di Trans Studio

A ride in Trans Studio that is really interesting if you’re a fan of Marvel films.  You can try the Marvel Superheroes 4D rides to be able to go on an adventure with your favorite hero. Here you can see the actions of Marvel Superheroes beating criminals.

While the 4D movie is playing, you’ll sit down in a seat that will move occasionally move following the film scenes. Some of the superheroes that appear here include Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, as well as Iron Man. With the 4D feature, you can feel like you’re close to your favorite superhero.

Top Rides in Trans Studio Bandung for Unforgettable Experiences

So, are you interested in trying out the rides we mentioned above? Surely there are still many other rides at Trans Studio Bandung. Take it easy, everything has gone through an inspection process so that everything is safe.

You can buy tickets to enter Trans Studio Bandung online on It is certainly easy, safe, and comfortable. If you love theme parks, and want to try other parks in Indonesia, you can go to Jatim Park, located in Batu, East Java.