Discover 5 Top Places in North Macedonia, the Pearl of Balkan

Top Places in Macedonia – Are you ready to start your adventure this year by visiting the Balkan countries? The Balkans have very beautiful landscapes. It is a great destination for those of you who love nature. When you’re visiting Balkans, put North Macedonia in your itinerary.

North Macedonia has a rich history and culture. Having a vacation in Macedonia is perfect because you can see the gorgeous scenery and lovely lakeside resorts. There are many monumental buildings in this country as well. Let’s learn more about Macedonia below.

What to See and Do in North Macedonia

Going on a vacation to Macedonia is fun because Macedonians are warm and friendly. They are ready to welcome tourists and willing to help. Some of them can speak a little English, although Macedonian is their official language. Here are some of the places you can visit while you’re there:

1. Skopje

Top Places in Macedonia

Skopje is the capital of Macedonia that has many historical buildings. When exploring this place, you will find a lot of quirky statues. Every corner in Skopje looks Instagrammable. 

Do you like museums? Immerse yourself in the Memorial House of Mother Teresa. Another interesting destination is the Museum of the City of Skopje, which tells the story of Skopje from around 3000 BC to today.

If you want to buy some souvenirs, you can go to Skopje’s Old Bazaar and shop for trinkets, jewelries, textiles or fresh food. Moreover, if you love adventure, you can hike Mount Vodno. There are hiking trails or a cable car ride to reach the Millennium Cross. From up there, you can see the panoramic views of Skopje.

2. Mavrovo National Park

Top Places in Macedonia

Mavrovo National Park is extremely scenic. The park is situated in the southwestern part of the Balkans. There are pine forests, waterfalls and gorges, everywhere.

What’s unique is that at the park, you can see many species of plants and animals. Mavrovo is the habitat of the brown bear, the golden eagle and lynx. The place is very pleasant for hiking and walking.

3. Lake Ohrid

Top Places in Macedonia

Lake Ohrid is a fascinating destination in Macedonia that will make you fall in love. At that place, you can climb Samuel’s Fortress and learn more about its history. The fortress was the capital of the first Bulgarian Empire at the end of the 10th century. When you get up there, you can see the beautiful lakes below.

4. Matka Canyon

Matka Canyon can easily take a day away from your itinerary. This paradise is located not that far from Skopje. Some activities you can do here are kayaking, swimming or cliff diving. 

If you are coming to Matka with your family, you can go on the Matka canyon boat trip. There will be a local guide that can explain to you about the interesting things there. End your journey in the Matka Canyon by eating at the local restaurant. 

5. Tetovo Mosque

The mosque was originally built in 1495. Do you want to visit Macedonia’s painted mosque? The place can easily be reached by bus. 

Inside the mosque, you can see floral, geometric and arabesque characters. This is the place where you can take a lot of pictures as photography is permitted. The entrance to Tetovo is free, but you are encouraged to leave a donation in the box as you enter the mosque.

Discover Balkans, Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been Before

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