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The Journey of tiket.com from 2011 to 2019, Will Always be Your Best Holiday Partner!

tiket.com’s Journey – The 8th anniversary of tiket.com is just around the corner. Before we celebrate it, let’s do a flashback of tiket.com’s journey, t-mates! It started from the establishment in 2011 until now. Hmm, are there any of you that have been loyal with tiket.com since the first year?

With great power, comes great responsibility. To become the best Online Travel Agent, of course, there must’ve been some obstacles along the way. From zero to hero, now rumor has it that tiket.com will be the 5th Unicorn in Indonesia!

Are you curious about the journey that tiket.com has been through from  2011 to 2019? The OTA which always try to be your best holiday partner, anytime and anywhere.

A Flashback to tiket.com’s Journey 2011 – 2019

Behind the huge success of tiket.com at this time, there were struggles and efforts that tiket.com had to face. It wasn’t easy to survive, but the determination to be the best holiday partner for anyone, successfully made tiket.com continue to strive to be the best OTA.

Let’s look at the brief milestone of tiket.com!


tiket.com was established in August 2011, as the first OTA in Indonesia. The company which focused on ticket booking services was built by four great young people; Wenas Agusetiawan, Gaery Undarsa, Dimas Surya, and Natali Ardianto.


In addition to being the official point for the launch of tiket.com, in 2012 the company also won a startup competition and brought home a prize of US$25,000 or around Rp350 million.

Not stopping there, on November 2012, tiket.com has officially collaborated with PT. Kereta Api Indonesia. So, tiket.com is the first partner of PT. KAI, t-mates!


The partnership that was established between tiket.com and PT. KAI successfully delivered tiket.com to a profit of 1,300% compared to the previous year. This huge success made tiket.com expanded its wings with new innovations.


In June 2014, tiket.com has released its mobile application for Android users. The ease of booking tickets without any hassle has been started since 2014, t-mates!


2015 was a year where tiket.com received various awards, such as The Best IT System 2015, 2nd Place Indonesia Best CIO 2015, Top Brand Award 2015, Category Online Travel Agency, The Winner of Indonesia Middle-Class Brand Champion 2015, and The Most Intelligent CIO 2015.


On the other hand, 2016 was a year that filled up with struggles but also achievements at the same time. tiket.com has experienced a loss of Rp1.9 billion due to an intruder on the tiket.com server.

Nonetheless, tiket.com also launched its representative office in Yogyakarta, after previously in Bali. Such a year, right? Both were coming at the same time but never once ignite the spirit of tiket.com by hoping to be always your best holiday partner!


2017 was the starting point for the success of tiket.com. In February 2017, tiket.com managed to get 1.7 million installs and 3.4 million users!

Another great news in 2017 was that on 12th June 2017, the new history of tiket.com has begun. tiket.com has 100% became a part of Blibli.com! However, in the same year, one of the CEO and Co-Founder tiket.com, Natali Ardianto, had to leave tiket.com.


In 2018, tiket.com has increasingly shown significant growth, including having a transaction record which reached 8 million times with a growth of 250%. Some awards also continue to arrive!

tiket.com has also officially become the Official Partner of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia to promote Indonesian tourism.


Entering the new year, tiket.com comes with a new face and new achievements. The rumor has it that tiket.com will be the fifth Unicorn in Indonesia. You surely cannot wait for this, right? Because neither do we! Every day, every year, tiket.com continues to be the best holiday partner for all t-mates, anywhere and anytime.

tiket.com is your one-stop ticket place for you. Flight, hotel, train, car rental, and entertainment tickets? You’ve got everything at tiket.com!

That’s all the quick flashback from 2011 to 2019. So, how long you’ve been with tiket.com, t-mates? As a reward and treat for you, enjoy tiket.com UltimEight promo during the 8th anniversary!