5 Exotic Things to Do in the Philippines that Can Make You Happy

The Philippines is famous for its stunning beaches and mountains. Once you set your foot in this country, you’ll instantly fall in love with the scenery and the friendly locals. Most importantly, you can travel on a budget because the Philippines is an affordable country to visit.

It is easy to get around the country because the Philippines is an English-speaking country. It is made up of over 7,100 islands, of which 2,000 are inhabited. If you are planning to go to this country, it is better to visit during the dry season, which is between November-April.

Let’s Start Your Adventure in the Philippines!

Great value for money, they say when traveling to the Philippines. With breath-taking islands and an amazing underwater world, the Philippines has gained popularity among local and international tourists. To make your life easier, we’ve rounded up a list of things to do that can complete your experience in the Philippines.

1. Boracay Island Tour

things to do in the Philippines

The Philippines government has done a great job in taking care of the ocean and the beaches. Currently, Boracay’s beaches are clean and peaceful. The vibe is amazing to have a sip of cocktail while sitting on a bean bag. There are many accommodations in Boracay, from luxurious to budget, where you can stay. 

Boracay island hopping is a popular activity there. You can explore Boracay islands with a boat and have a great lunch by eating fresh seafood. Continue your journey by snorkeling or diving. Have a great time with your friends and family, t-mates!

2. Manila

things to do in the Philippines

Manila is the capital of the Philippines that is densely populated. It is a place where you can go shopping ‘til drop. What about hunting for clothes at Divisoria’s 168 shopping mall? Or going to the largest shopping malls in the Philippines called SM Mall of Asia? It’s up to you!

Apart from shopping, there are many things you can do in Manila, including visiting Fort Santiago, Pinto Art Museum, Ayala Museum and so much more. 

How about trying Filipino-Chinese favorite foods such as egg rolls with meat, fish and vegetables at Binondo, the world’s oldest Chinatown?

3. Coron, Palawan

things to do in the Philippines

Coron is part of Palawan island. It is a small town where you can do an island hopping tour. Coron offers unlimited spots for snorkeling and diving. Many people love to come there to scuba dive. 

You can dive to see underwater mountains in Barracuda Lake. The lake is incredibly clear and worth every stop when you snorkel. If you are lucky, you can see the WWII shipwreck and coral reef that has formed on it. Furthermore, you can also swim in the hidden lagoon at Twin Lagoon.

When you are in Coron, spend some time hiking Mt. Tapyas. It is the highest viewpoint there as you need to hike 742 steps to reach the summit of the mountain. 

4. Mount Mayon

The best time to visit Mount Mayon is between the month of March and May. Trekking up Mount Mayon is a fun-filled experience as you can see many wonderful animals along the way. You may find parakeets and owls if you are lucky. Basically, some activities you can do there are camping, hiking and bird watching.

Mount Mayon is an active stratovolcano in the province of Albay. The name Mayon simply means beauty. This popular tourist spot is currently being nominated as a World Heritage Site. The unique thing about this mountain is its conical shape. 

Tip: Do not visit the volcano during the rainy season because it can be dangerous. 

5. Ariel’s Point Cliff Diving

Ariel’s Point is an eco-adventure destination where you can learn paddling, snorkeling, cliff diving and many more. For those adrenaline junkies out there, don’t miss out on the chance to try cliff diving in the Philippines! This sport is an interesting activity that can be enjoyed by professionals and amateurs. Over there, you can find five different diving boards and platforms ranging from as low as 3 meters to as high as 15 meters. If you love new challenges, you should try cliff diving!

P.S. If you are afraid, don’t worry. Ariel’s Point has a bamboo ladder and a floating dock that you can use to enter the water without doing the cliff diving 😛

Put the Philippines in Your Bucket List! 

After we’ve listed the best things to do in the Philippines, you must be interested in going there. Well, it’s the time to start planning for your next trip, then! If you want to book a flight ticket, remember that tiket.com can provide all your needs, from tickets, accommodation and many other things! Can’t wait to visit this charming country with countless beautiful beaches? Pack your bags and go! 

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