5 Best Things to Do in Japan for an Unforgettable Trip

From exploring theme parks to visiting Instagrammable places, Japan always has something for everyone. Depending on what season you prefer to visit, you can have different experiences in this Nippon Land.

Well, the country is definitely not cheap. However, you can always look for accommodation that fits your budget at tiket.com and book flight tickets earlier to minimize costs. We’ve chosen 5 best places you can check out during your trip to Japan. Let’s take a look!

Highlights of Japan

Discover what to do in Japan with our guide. We’ve chosen 5 must-do activities in Japan you can consider for your next trip:

1. DisneySea Tokyo

things to do in Japan

Maybe you are asking yourself, where should I go? Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea? Chances are, you are not the only one who think about that 🙂 If you haven’t been to Disneyland, both parks are worth-visiting. But, if you want to visit the only unique theme park in the world, you can head to DisneySea.

Basically, the rides in DisneySea are geared more towards adults. The rides are more adventurous compared to the ones in Disneyland. The main rides include Indiana Jones Adventure, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and the Tower of Terror.

If you are not into rides, you can see the wild parades. Find your favorite character such as Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh floating on a boat parade! Are you a fan of Duffy and Gelatoni? DisneySea is the right theme park to go because you can only find them there.

2. Tokyo Disneyland

things to do in Japan

Tokyo Disneyland offers something classic that you can find in other Disneylands around the world. Inside the theme park, you can feel the true Disney vibes. They have the iconic Cinderella’s Castle! 

If this is your first time to Disneyland, coming to Tokyo Disneyland is the way to go. There are many attractions for toddlers and kids such as Pooh’s Hunny Hunt and Alice Tea’s Party. Your kids will surely be entertained to see their favorite characters such as Donald Duck, Mickey and friends. Enjoy the delicious popcorn, waffle and other snacks inside the park, t-mates.

3. Universal Studios Osaka

things to do in Japan

Besides those two amusement parks we’ve explained above, you can also visit Universal Studios Osaka. The special attraction in the park is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. You can experience the magic by getting on the ride. There will be special effects, ultra-realistic images. You can also walk through Hogwarts castle and see “The Portraits of the Fat Lady” and “Moving Portrait Corridor”.

There are also attractions for children such as Snoopy Studios in Universal Wonderland, Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue and Sesame Street Fun World.

If you want to avoid crowds, visit the park on Wednesday or Thursday as the park is going to be packed on the weekend. The waiting time for each ride varies, between 5 minutes or up to two hours. Be patient, as you will have an amazing experience! 😄

4. Osaka Amazing Pass

Osaka Amazing Pass allows you to travel unlimited by using Osaka Metro subway or Osaka City buses. Imagine, you can ride buses and trains as much as you want with only a pass! What’s more interesting is that you can enjoy sightseeing to more than 40 great tourist destinations for free! 

Depending on your need, you can either buy a 1-day pass or a 2-day pass. The pass is available for purchase at tiket.com. Another benefit is that you are entitled to receive benefits from dozens of shops in Japan. Isn’t that amazing?

5. Fushimi Inari Taisha

things to do in Japan

Let’s move on to Kyoto. As you may already know, Kyoto has an iconic place for tourist destination called Fushimi Inari Taisha. The shrine sits on the top of Mt. Inari-san, or about 233 meters above sea level. 

Many tourists come to Fushimi Inari Taisha to take pictures. The shrine’s main structure was built in 1499. It has 10,000 red-ish gates, which represents the color of the sun. It was dedicated to the god of grains. To take good pictures, make sure to avoid crowds by coming there early on weekday mornings.  

Experience the Land of the Rising Sun, Don’t Forget to Eat Well

In Japan, not only that you can visit beautiful tourist attractions, but you can also eat delicious snacks there. If you want to visit Japan, you can book for accommodation and flight tickets at tiket.com. 

What are you waiting for? Japan is a beautiful country to spend a long holiday. If you love traveling to a modern country, consider Singapore as your next destination. It boasts wonderful scenery and parks, museums, as well as shopping malls.