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Smart Ways to Find Info about Idul Fitri Exodus

Info about 2019 Idul Fitri Exodus Before Ramadan ends and Idul Fitri Exodus starts, you will be looking for information regarding 2019 Idul Fitri Exodus, especially for those of you who can’t wait to spend time with families in your hometown.

Of course, you have prepared necessary tickets to go back home, either purchasing airline or train tickets earlier to make sure you get the best deals available out there. Right, t-mates?

In reality, there are many other things that you have to do to make sure your Idul Fitri exodus runs smoothly and safely. First things first you have to keep yourself updated on the latest information about the 2019 Idul Fitri Exodus to prevent bad things from happening.

Monitor Info about 2019 Idul Fitri Exodus for Smooth Travel

So, in addition to applying handy tips for Idul Fitri holiday, you can also monitor info about 2019 Idul Fitri exodus frequently. It will be better to do that before you start your journey back home, when you’re on the road, and until you arrive at your destination.

Pay attention to how far and how long your journey will be, to make sure you can estimate your best departure time and time of arrival at your hometown. You can use some of these credible resources below to make sure your trip runs well.

1. Monitor Info about 2019 Idul Fitri Exodus via CCTV

The Transportation Ministry has prepared an excellent website for those of you who participate in the annual exodus.

The website is called RTTMC, a shortened form of Road Transport and Traffic Management Center. RTTMC allows you to monitor information about Idul Fitri exodus through CCTV live streaming.

Smart Ways to Find Info About Idul Fitri Holiday

Not only through CCTV, but RTTMC also provides live streaming to observe real-time traffic using drone! Isn’t that cool? So, t-mates, let’s look into your routes for exodus journey through the website or RTTMC application on

Furthermore, you can also download the RTTMC application on your smartphone. However, at this moment, this application can only be downloaded on Android devices under the name RTTMC 2016. Don’t you worry t-mates, although the app is called RTTMC 2016, the information is up-to-date!

2. Update Info about 2019 Idul Fitri Exodus at #infomudik on Twitter

In addition to getting the information from the government, you can also look for the information about exodus through social media. You can get the complete information from Twitter #InfoMudik that provides information about exodus using land, sea or air transportation. 

How’s that t-mates? Isn’t that awesome? You can check the latest information from other travelers who may also go back with the same routes like you. More than that, you can also participate in giving the latest information by placing the hashtag #InfoMudik on your Twitter account.

3. Find Your Way for 2019 Idul Fitri Exodus with Google Maps

Smart Ways to Find Info About Idul Fitri Holiday

Google Maps is one of the best tools you can use to help you avoid traffic congestion. This useful app can also save you from going astray when you travel back home using your private vehicles.

Additionally, with Google Maps, you can find the nearest rest area, gas stations and restaurants whenever you need time to relax for a bit before continuing your journey.

What If You Are Ready To Go Back Home, But Forget To Book Tickets?

Now, you already have all the information for 2019 Idul Fitri exodus. You have already prepared nice souvenirs for your families back home. Yet, at this moment, you are still unsure of choosing the mode of transportation for your trip. That can become a real problem, t-mates!

Easy. Easy. Everything is under control. Whenever you want to book for last-minute flight tickets, keep in mind Low prices every day for you! And what’s more, also offers car rental services to pick you up from the airport and drop you home.

To make your trip more fun, here are tips to enjoy Idul Fitri holiday,

Happy long Idul Fitri holidays t-mates! Have fun and take care of yourself on the road!