6 Reasons Why You Should Visit the World’s Most Livable City: Vienna

For the second year in a row, Vienna was ranked as the world’s most livable city according to The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), beating Melbourne. Below Vienna, there were Melbourne, Osaka, Calgary, Sydney and Vancouver. 

What makes Vienna livable? The answer is because the city has a rich cultural offering, affordable healthcare system and well-developed transportation system, among others. Now, are you interested to visit this city? We’re sure you are thinking about it, right?  If you want to go on a vacay to Vienna, you can book your flights at tiket.com!

Reasons to Visit Vienna, the Capital of Austria

Vienna is a must-visit city for people who love classical music. You can enjoy classical music literally everywhere in the park or restaurants. What are some reasons why you should visit this city? Let’s find out!

1.  A Safe City

Vienna Livable

In Vienna, you don’t need to be afraid to walk after midnight. Vienna is proven as one of the safest cities in Europe; the crime rate is very low. As a tourist, this is important because you don’t want to feel cautious all the time while you’re on vacation, right?

Of course, just anywhere in the world, some locations in the city may have higher crime rates. So, you have to be careful by not making yourself a target for pickpockets. Keep your valuables such as passport close to you all the time.

2. Efficient Public Transportation System

Vienna Livable

Vienna’s public transportation system is cheap, reliable, and fast. It is also rarely overcrowded. The ticket that you buy usually can cover all public buses, trains, trams and subway services. Two passes for visitors are called Vienna Pass with Travel and Vienna Card.

3. Incredible Museums

Vienna Livable

If you love to explore museums, Vienna is a great city to visit. There are outrageous number of museums in this place. Some of the popular museums in the city are Natural History Museum, Art History Museum and Sisi Museum. If you love something unusual, you can visit Funeral Museum, Museum of Illusions.

The architecture at Vienna’s famous landmarks are mind blowing. Stop by to see the architecture of Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Baroque Schönbrunn Palace, it’s amazingly beautiful!

4. Stunning Parks and Gardens

Vienna has a lot of parks and gardens where you can relax and enjoy the view while listening to music. Some of the parks are City Park, Danube Park, Lainzer Tiergarten, Volksgarten, and Burggarten. Enjoy your time in Vienna by strolling at the park, see some sculptures of famous Austrians and take some pictures!

5. Coffee Culture

If you’re a coffee lover, this city is a perfect destination for you. Part of the local lifestyle in Vienna is to drink coffee at local coffee houses. You’ll find some special local names to describe various types of coffee there. 

For instance, Mozart Cafe is a double espresso with whipped cream. If you want to order for a cappuccino, you should go for Melange. Moreover, mocca is known as a Scharzer.

6. Irresistible cakes and desserts

While drinking coffee, you can enjoy eating desserts or cake. The popular ones are sachertorte (a Viennese chocolate cake), a Kaiserschmarrn (a fluffy shredded pancake), and an apple strudel. Try it while you are there! Delicious!

Uncover the Hidden Gems in Vienna for Unforgettable Vacation

From music, art, places to shop for food, there are hundreds of reasons to visit Europe’s most livable city. There are many reasons why you should visit this city. You can go on walks, discover museums, and visit countless parks. Let’s pack your bag and go on a trip, t-mates! 

Besides Vienna, other beautiful city to visit in Europe is Switzerland. Zermatt, Lucerne, Interlaken and Bern, those are the destinations you should go to there!