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4 Reasons Why Every Couple Should Visit Prague, Europe’s Most Romantic City

Forget Paris, let’s head to Europe’s most romantic city, Prague in the Czech Republic. Prague is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Europe, with romance is seen everywhere. Fairytale landscapes, romantic streets, charming suites, and candlelit dinners, and classical music will make your visit to Czech capital even more meaningful.

But, you can simply go because every couple goes. Find out the 4 real reasons why couples should include Prague on a must-visit destinations list.

Why Prague is One of the Top Choices for Couples?

Well, still wondering why the Czech capital is on the top destinations for a romantic European city break? With its quaint, cobbled streets, gothic architecture, and medieval charm, Prague for couples will be one heaven of unforgettable time together.

1. Known as City of Romance

prague for couples

They call it Europe’s Most Romantic City isn’t for nothing. The city is full of magical spots just made for love. Whether you wanna walk hand-in-hand in the banks of the Vltava River, gardens, picturesque alleys, or soak up at a cozy box at the Opera or theatre, Prague offers countless places to fall in love, declare your love, or probably propose a marriage.

There are loads of romantic things you can do in the lovely Golden City with your partner, be it during summer or winter, grab your dear’s hand and meander through the city to feel the romance most of it. Isn’t this reason itself should’ve been enough to make you go?

2. Admire one of Europe’s oldest bridges

prague for couples

Built between 1357 and 1402, Charles Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Europe that’s still in use. The bridge is always packed with people, mostly during the day and around the evening before dark when couples watch the beautiful sunset from Charles Bridge.

If you want something non-mainstream, go early in the morning to watch the sunrise, when the statues lighting up slowly as the sun appears from behind the church tower silhouettes. You’ll see the sun turns the castle to gold and the sky burns into pink color. Such a view to enjoy with your lover!

3. See the world’s largest castle complex

Prague Castle is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest castle complex in the world around in the ninth century, covering 70,000 square meters. If you visit the castle, you’ll see several numbers of buildings, defense towers, museums, churches, the presidential palace, and a 16th-century street which gives you that romantic and gothic vibes.

The city is a breathtaking mix of Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture that feels like only one kind in Europe. Some historical buildings remain intact today and it gives even more beautiful touch to the city atmosphere.

Simply go around the city, walking side-by-side with your soulmate and visiting magnificent tourism spots that you can only find in this Czech capital. Don’t forget to take some Insta-worthy photos too since you can find plenty of romantic spots along the way!

4. Abundant of romantic things to do

There’s no better way for you and your partner to spend days in Prague than to do romantic things offered by this beautiful city. Well, we’re talking about a horse-carriage ride around the narrow streets of Prague’s charming Old Town. Sit back and unwind in comfort just like a real-life prince and princess.

Need something else? Take a cruise along Prague’s Vltava River to enjoy the wonderful sights of the Gothic architectures connected by ornate stone bridges. Most river cruises depart from Charles Bridge, a perfect start point to enjoy the Old Town, Mala Strana, and Prague Castle.

prague for couples

If you’re looking for something free yet still romantic, simply leave a lock on the bridge in Mala Strana! Paris or Seoul also have it, correct, but why don’t you hang yours in Europe’s most romantic city? Wander the quaint, cobbled streets of Mala Strana then walk to the famous Lover’s Bridge. Attach your padlock with a love message for one another.

When is the Best Time to Visit Prague?

Prague is such a year-round destination. Meaning, there’s no bad time to visit the Czech capital, even if it’s only during a weekend for two. It’s nice to visit Prague during the summer when the sun shines and the flowers are in bloom, but it’s also great to experience Prague on a gloomy day in the autumn.

If you come during winter, prepare your warm jackets but expect to see Wenceslas Square dusted with snow, making you feel like you’re on the TV or Christmas Card. So, when is your turn gonna be? It’s your call!

Where to Stay in Prague?

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Once the flight is booked, think about where you want to stay in Prague – which can be very tricky to decide. You can choose to stay at a hotel that offers romantic settings, ambience, and restaurant adjacent to the premises.

Don’t forget to see the location as well. Great locations that we’d suggest is around Mala Strana, Wenceslas Square, and Old Town. There are many hotels offering romantic and anniversary packages including a private horse-drawn carriage ride through Prague!

After Prague, Let’s Head to Paris

When we said to forget Paris, we didn’t mean it. We meant, after Prague, let’s head to the City of Lights! Take some photos for the gram at these Instagrammable hotels in Paris that will totally perfect for your accommodation.

Prague is perfect for couples, so does Paris. Soak up in both romantic ambience and get ready to fall in love even more. Sooo, surprise your partner and fly soon?