First Time to Macau? Here are 5 Places You Should Visit There!

Places to Visit in Macau – Macau is known to tourists as a gambler’s paradise, with picturesque skyline and a rich history. Macau, which is part of China, has a unique mix of Chinese and Portuguese cultural influences.

When you’re coming to Macau, you can see many tourist destinations with the influence of old world Sino-European architecture and culture. Enjoy your stay in Macau for a couple of days as there are many things that you can do in the daytime or at night.

Learn the history and culture of this special administrative region that was colonized by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Hunt authentic street food in Macau, and visit the casinos if you like and try your luck! Listed for you a round-up of 5 top places to visit in Macau:

1. Visit the Ruins of St. Paul’s

5 Places to Visit in Macau_blog_Saint Pauls Ruin

Ruins of St. Paul’s is a must-visit destination as it is one of the most popular Macau’s landmarks. The ruins of the 16th-century cathedral is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Constructed from 1602 to 1640, the place originally were St. Paul’s College and the Church of St. Paul. At that time, the church was the largest church in Asia, dubbed as “The Vatican of the Far East.”

Unfortunately, a violent typhoon hit Macau during 1835 and burned down the church, leaving only the front facade with intricate carvings, and the grand stone stairs that contain 68 stone steps. Despite the natural disaster that had affected the place, the Ruin of St. Paul’s is still astonishing today.

2. Try out the Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower

5 Places to Visit in Macau_blog_Get Your Adrenaline Pumping at Macau Tower

Spend a few hours in Macau Tower where you can see the view of Macau from the 58th floor. It is a nice way to see the spectacular view of Macau from up above. The construction of Macau Tower started in 1998 by a New Zealand architect, Gordon Moller. The height of Macau Tower is 338 meters.

Besides being able to take good pictures at the top of Macau Tower, you can also experience a thrilling activity which is bungee jumping! Yes, you can jump from more than 200 meters above the ground and feel the sensation of plunging towards the ground at a fast speed.

For adrenaline junkies out there, pay a visit to the Macau Tower and you won’t be disappointed!

3. Go to Taipa Village to Taste Delicious Macanese Dishes

5 Places to Visit in Macau_blog_Taipa Village Food

Macau is a good place to hunt for delicious food. It has the most delicious street food you can imagine! In Taipa Village, you can find the famous Portuguese egg tarts, pork buns, and many more.

You can also sample some of Macanese traditional snacks that are available for you in the stores. There are also restaurants along the way that sell fresh seafood and Chinese food.

Taipa Village is quite crowded at times, but it is a nice experience to talk a walk there, taste some foods and go back to your hotel with a full stomach! Taipa Village is definitely a nice place to visit in Macau.

4. Explore Macau Casinos


5 Places to Visit in Macau_blog_Macau Casinos

Macau is Asia’s casinos capital which has more than 30 casinos. There are many big casinos with popular brand names that you can find in Las Vegas, the United States.

Some of the casinos are Venetian Macau Casino, the Sands Macau and Wynn Macau with variety of games from blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and so on.

The casinos also feature many entertainment such as shopping centre that sell high-end brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, as well as big restaurants and cafes.

5. Enjoy Many Exciting Shows at Night

A day trip is not enough in Macau as there are many shows and concerts that you can watch at night. Relax a bit and watch Performance Lake at Wynn Palace, which is a blend of water dance with music, color, and fire.

There are also a show called The House of Dancing Water. You can see breathtaking acrobatics, motorcycle stunts, and other performances that will make you stunned. The show is a must watch performance while you’re there.

Enjoy Macau Day and Night

There are many transportation options available in Macau. Many casinos offer free shuttle service to major checkpoints and to the heart of the city. If you want to check on where to stay in Macau, you can do that through tiket.com.

Macau is only an hour away from Hong Kong. Traveling from Macau to Hongkong is always a good idea because there are many tourist spots that you can visit in the metropolitan country, such as Hong Kong’s popular theme parks. Enjoy your holidays, t-mates!