Check Out These 5 Most Popular Dining Places in Solo

Dining Places in Solo – If you want to gather with family or friends, surely you will often recommend trying a new restaurant or cafe that has never been visited before to be able to get a new experience or just to taste a new menu. Well, if you are a citizen of Solo, or happen to be in this city for a vacation, then here we have a number of recommendations for places to eat that you can choose to dine with your loved ones.

Super Cool Dining Places in Solo

Many people know that Solo is a culture-rich city. Besides that the city is also popular with its culinary diversity because of its distinctive taste that is hard to find elsewhere. Although the culinary choices are very many, but you don’t need to be confused to decide where to eat. You can try some of the most recommended dining places in Solo below.

1. Cafe Tiga Tjeret

Dining Places in Solo

Although the name of this place sounds fancy, but actually Cafe Tiga Tjeret still carries the concept of angkringan (street food) which is very friendly to all circles. The first dining place in Solo presents a unique and attractive building design as one of its attractions. In addition, there are various kinds of recycled decorations that will surely attract your attention, ranging from lamps, wall hangings, desk chairs, and so on.

Looks fancy from the outside, this cafe keeps the traditional taste of the food menu served. Here you will go through the process of choosing food to transactions with methods that are similar to angkringan stalls in general. Some of the menus that you can try here include a variety of satay, fried foods, bacem food as a side dish, and a choice of rice menus that are also varied. Cafe Tiga Tjeret is located on Jalan Ronggowarsito No. 97, Solo.

2. EATernity

Dining Places in Solo

The next dining place in Solo is EATernity which you can make as a choice place to gather with friends or family. Located on Jalan Ir. Soekarno No. 27, this dining place carries a unique design concept by utilizing semi-finished materials. For example, a table that uses used cable rolls, wall hangings from used tires, walls left without paint, and so on.

In addition to unique interior design, this place also serves delicious food to be enjoyed. EATernity offers a menu with three choices, namely western or American, Italian, and of course Indonesian cuisine. Here also often hold special events to welcome ongoing events such as Valentine, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and so forth.

3. Mom Milk

Dining Places in Solo

If in general the menu that is the mainstay of hanging out is coffee, then here you can order fresh milk to accompany you to chat with family or friends. Not only healthy, Mom Milk also offers milk with lots of flavor choices ranging from pure milk, chocolate, strawberries, green tea, vanilla, and many more. Not to mention, milk here is available in two size choices, regular and kingsize. If you want to linger for longer, you can order a kingsize glass.

Besides milk, Mom Milk also offers a variety of very delicious menus. As one of the recommended dining places in Solo, Mom Milk offers menu choices such as steaks, bread, donuts, chicken wings, potatoes, omelets, sausages, and many more. You do not need to worry because here you can chat long time accompanied by food and drinks which certainly makes you feel at home.

4. D’Cappello Cafe

Dining Places in Solo

If you want to visit a dining place in Solo that serves dessert with a beautiful look, then you can come to D’Cappello. Here there are many choices of food menu that you can choose. One of the mainstay menus of this place is the macaron. Macaron is a pastry originating from France and served in a variety of flavors and colors.

In addition, D’Cappello also offers other delicious menus such as cheese cake, red velvet cake, chocolate mousse cake to main meals from the west such as carbonara, chicken parmigiana, hamburg steak, and so on. If you want to taste the menu, you can go directly to Jalan Honggowongso No. 30C, Sriwedari. This place offers an elegant interior design, so you feel you’re in an luxurious cafe.

5. Marakez Cafe

Dining Places in Solo

Not only offers a cool place to hang out, Marakez Cafe also offers a menu of delicious dishes that will satisfy your stomach. One popular dining place in Solo serves a Middle Eastern menu that is very typical with spices. The mainstay menu that you have to try when visiting this place is Lamb Mandhi. The menu is in the form of rice with a rather yellow color that you can eat with pieces of mutton and onions.

If you have finished eating and still want to relax in this place, then you can order shisha. Besides that, Marakez Cafe also provides VIP room facilities that you can use to hold closed events with family or friends. If you want to come here, you can come to Jalan Untung Suropati No. 76.

Good Meals, Good Time

Solo is home to a variety of unique culinary delights. Not only that, the city of Solo also continues to keep abreast of the times by presenting restaurants with modern concepts and menus. Some of the previously mentioned dining places in Solo can be used as references when you are in this city. See also tips on how to order cheap hotels for holidays. In addition you can book hotels in Solo at the cheapest prices on tiket.com.