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Lombok Series: Kenza Cafe Kuta Lombok, An Instagrammable Café with Exotic Vibes

An Instagrammable Cafe in Lombok – Perhaps you are currently in Lombok, or you may be planning for a short trip to this paradise island. Lombok is not only about exotic beaches; there are many beautiful cafés in Lombok where you can order a bite to eat and stay as long as you like! recommends you to visit Kenza Cafe, which is located in Kuta Lombok. This unique café offers a calm ambiance and beautiful design. To know more about Kenza Cafe Kuta, let’s read the story below!

The Story Behind Kenza Cafe Kuta Lombok had a chance to visit Kenza Cafe in Lombok. When coming to Kenza Cafe, our first impression was, “This is such a cool and unique place!”  With pastel decoration and lots of neutral color, Kenza Cafe stands out from other cafés around the area. 

Behind its success, Kenza Cafe has an inspiring story, t-mates. Larbi Ahassad built this cafe inspired by the activities that he had done with his daughter. Kenza is his daughter’s name, which means “treasure”. 

The café is mostly decorated with white background, which was inspired by the color of a clam. Other ornaments in the café such as the lamp, chairs, and tables give a beach feel. The floor’s design gives the feeling like you’re walking on a sandy beach. Look up the café’s ceiling, and you’ll see unique lamps that resemble fishing nets.

The tropical colonial café design that resemble the bohemian lifestyle of Larbi and Kenza, shows the vision of the café that wants to grow bigger in the future.

Various Healthy Food & Beverages Menus

Kenza Cafe provides a variety of healthy menus which are 100% sourced from local ingredients. If you love vegetarian food, Kenza Cafe Kuta Lombok is the place for you.

Various menus are available, ranging from Asian to Western foods. The taste is amazing. It’s made from natural ingredients, without MSG, and low in sugar. What more can you ask for? Not to mention that Kenza Cafe serves the best coffee!

Indra, Kenza Cafe’s manager, said that the favorite foods in this cafe are Chicken Parmigiana and other breakfast menus. In addition, the favorite drink is Slow Dance, which is a blend of avocado, pineapple, coconut, spinach, coriander powder, coated with dragon fruit juice.

All Spots Can Be Instagrammable Spots!

When you come to Kenza Cafe, don’t forget to take pictures here. All the spots are Instagrammable! You’ll surely fall in love taking pictures there. So, you have ordered the food and took some pictures? Now it’s the time to look for beautiful handicrafts there. Yes, you can buy handicrafts that were made by local residents. Kenza Cafe said that all the sales are given to local cooperatives.

Kenza Cafe

Kenza Cafe

Location: Jl. Raya Kuta No.5, Kuta, Pujut, Kuta Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara 83573


Instagram: @kenzalombok

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