7 Interesting Facts About Capital City of Indonesia, Jakarta

Jakarta, a metropolitan city that is everyone to be dreamed about to be lived in. As the center of business and government, Jakarta is one of the busiest and most populous cities in the world. In order to celebrate the birthday of this beloved city, do you want to know some interesting facts about this city?

Interesting Facts about Jakarta

Jakarta grows as a city that developing better from time to time. The rapid progress of the business and its dynamic human resources has made the city progress more rapidly. Behind it all, there are many interesting things about Jakarta that you don’t know yet. What are they? See here:

1. A City That Has Many Skyscrapers

It is the center of business and government in Indonesia, it’s no wonder the city of Jakarta has many multistory buildings. Do you know about the Interesting facts of this capital city of Indonesia is ranked as the 7th city with the highest number of tall buildings in the world. If sobat tiket ever come crosses around Central Jakarta, you will see a row of tall buildings lined up like a tree in the concrete jungle.

2. Mall and Mall Everywhere

Famous as a metropolitan city, the lifestyle of Jakarta residents is arguably dynamic and modern. Many malls or shopping centers offers a variety of needs ranging from primary to tertiary. Have you ever counted how many number of malls are spread in Jakarta? Approximately up to 132* in case you are wondering, amazing isn’t it?

3. One of the World’s Most Populated Cities

Jakarta is center of the fusion of various types of people who come from different ethnicities, and races. Being a city that has always been dreamed of by migrants from outside the city, it’s no wonder many people come to this city to try their luck. So, this city is included in one of the most populated cities in the world. According to a survey in 2017, the population of Jakarta reached 10.37 millions of people, wow!

4. The City Renamed Up to 13 Times

Before it was known as Jakarta, turns out that there were interesting facts behind the name itself. Do you know that this city experiences up to 13 name changes? In the 14th century, it was originally named Sunda Kelapa as the port of the Kingdom of Pajajaran. Then, over the time it changed to Jayakarta, Stad Batavia, Gemeente Batavia, Stad Gemeente Batavia, Jakarta Betshu Shi Shop, and many more.

5. Abundant Museums

Jakarta is indeed known as a metropolitan city with a modern and dynamic lifestyle. But behind all it’s dynamic, the city also retains its historical and cultural values. For those of you who want to try a walk other than going to the mall, just try going to the museum! There are around 74 museums* around Jakarta, you can enjoy walking while learning a lot of history in a fun way.

6. City Mascot

Some people surely only know Monas or National Monument as an icon of this city. Honestly, it’s not monas, but it’s Bondol Eagle and Condet Salak. Shocked, but wait turns out there is a meaning behind it! Bondol eagle is an animal who lived in the Thousand Islands and symbolizes as resilience, while Salak Condet is a signature fruit from the city of Jakarta.

7. One of the Most Traffic Jams Cities

If you are asked about the city of Jakarta, what did the sobat tiket think about it first? It must be the traffic jam has to be one of the answers. Some people rely on private transportation such as cars or motorbikes for their daily activities. No wonder, with the comparison of the number of residents inside and outside Jakarta, this everlasting problem will not be inevitable.

Want to visit Jakarta?

Apart from the facts above, the city of Jakarta always has a special place for its people. If you ever want to try staycation here, you can find out exciting things to do while you are staycayion in Jakarta.

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