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5 Helpful Tips and Tricks for a Worry-Free Vacation, Take a Look!

Worry-Free Vacation – Feeling bored, anxious and overwhelmed at work? These are probably the signs that you need a holiday! When you’re on vacation, you can enjoy the beauty that nature provides and recharge your body and soul!

Sometimes, planning for a Worry-Free vacation is not easy if you don’t know the tips and tricks. tiket.com provides you with useful tips and tricks that can help you to reduce stress and have a nice holiday.

Worry-Free Vacation Plans

You are not in a good mood, but don’t even know why that happens? Or you’re not sure which country you want to go? These kind of feelings may strike you when you’re planning a vacation. Thus, to make your vacation worry-free, read some simple tips and tricks below:

1. Save Money

Worry-Free Vacation

One of the most basic things you need to do when planning for a holiday is setting aside some cash. Whether you’re going for a vacation abroad or in Indonesia, you need to determine your budget. Do not bite off more than you can chew, alright?!

If still don’t have enough budget, make a habit of saving money everyday. When you’re still planning your holiday, you can save more money to help you reach your holiday destination.

2. Communication

Do you want to invite other people to go on a vacation together? If you do, make sure to match your schedule with your friends, especially if you need to ask your boss for a leave. 

To make sure your holiday can go smoothly, you need to have intense communication with your friends to arrange the schedules. Done with that? Now you can decide on when to go on a vacation and where to buy the flight tickets! Ready for a worry-free vacation?

3. Plan Your Holiday Carefully

Worry-Free Vacation

Planning will help you save time. Imagine if you already put a lot of budget for your vacation, but you don’t have the detailed daily plans on the tourist attractions you want to visit. You may waste a lot of time to research and gather the information while you’re there.

If you want to save time, it is better to plan ahead. You can take notes of everything you need in a book or a paper. Make a complete plan starting from the popular tourist spots you want to go, the budget, and the number of people who will go with you. By using this simple tip, your vacation will run smoothly.

4. Take Care of Your Health

Busy everyday? Probably it is time for you to have a short break. Holidays can become stress relievers and restore your spirit. However, what if all of a sudden you feel unwell while on vacation?

You should not forget this tip. Before going on a holiday, make sure to take care of your health! Drink some vitamins and rest well!

5. Use tiket.com Worry-Free Feature!

The last important tip is something that tiket.com offers, which is the “Worry-Free” feature. Now, all the answers to your prayers are here! tiket.com proudly presents Worry-Free.

What is Worry-Free? Worry-Free is the newest feature from tiket.com in which you can get a flight cancellation compensation when you book a flight ticket for domestic routes in Indonesia.  Thus, if for any reason you want to cancel your holiday, you can get a 100% refund of your ticket price* if you request the refund maximum 4 hours before the flight departure!

Let’s Go On Vacay, t-mates!

What do you think about those tips above? Now, you don’t have to be anxious if you have to cancel your vacation suddenly. Why? Because tiket.com has provided an amazing feature called Worry-Free! Let’s plan your holiday now, t-mates!


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