Summer Vacation

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Going on a Summer Vacation is Fun! Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Everyone needs a break. Whether you’re doing your full-time job, or whether you’re on a school break, going on a summer vacation can refresh your mind and recharge your batteries.

By exploring new countries, you will gain tons of knowledge. If you love photography, you can capture various beautiful spots everywhere you go. Sounds cool?

Yes, vacations are some of the best times that will create memories for your life forever. So, t-mates, when you have a spare time, take a break for a while and go on a summer vacation! Summer is one of the best seasons to travel around the world. Why is that? Read below!

Reasons Why You Should Spend Summer Vacation Abroad

Want to go on a vacation? Here are 5 reasons why you have to take a break on summer! Take a look!

1. Less Items to Bring

Imagine if you’re going abroad during winter season, you must bring many things in your luggage. First, you need to carry heavy jackets to warm your body. Then, you also need to bring other things such as boots, scarves and many more.

Alasan Kenapa Kamu Harus Liburan Ke Luar Negeri Saat Musim Panas - Barang Bawaan Tidak Berlebih

In comparison to that, in summer time, you only need to bring a few items that weigh less. By bringing less items, you don’t have to carry too much stuff when you arrive at your destination. Travel light also means that it will be easier for you to transport from one city to another city using public transportation.

2. Enjoy the Beach

When you’re traveling to anywhere around the globe on summer, it is nice to visit pristine beaches. You can snorkel, dive or to other water activities; it is going to be fun!

summer vacation

Find a nice place to sit or sunbathe, enjoy your time by looking at the wonderful beaches, drink coconuts and chat with your friends. Make sure you bring comfortable swimwear with you! 

If you’re coming with your kids, build sandcastles with them and have a good time! Beaches are the most relaxing and fun-filled places on earth, t-mates.

3. Clear Scenic View

One of the nice things about going abroad on summer is that you can see clear, unblocked view of mountain ranges, lakes or buildings. If you love taking pictures, going abroad on summer is a perfect time for you.

Alasan Kenapa Kamu Harus Liburan Ke Luar Negeri Saat Musim Panas - Pemandangan Alam Terlihat dengan Jelas

Around the globe, there are many nice destinations to visit in summer, such as countries in Europe like Italy, Paris, Germany, London and many more. If you are going abroad from Indonesia and don’t want to fly too far, you can also explore various destinations in Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand.

4. Wear Simple Outfits

When you’re on a summer vacation, you most probably will go on outdoor adventures, be it hiking in the wilderness, or relaxing on a beach. Whatever you want to do, you can wear simple outfits during summer season.

summer vacation

Wearing simpler clothes means that you don’t have to carry a lot of luggage, t-mates! With the summer outfit theme, you can play, relax and take good pictures around the destinations you want to go. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses and sunblock, alright!

5. More Comfortable to Explore Many Destinations

When you’re choosing summer vacation to go abroad, there are many destinations you can explore. You can go to Europe, the United States, Asia, or other continent. You have many choices to go with your family!

summer vacation

Looking for a perfect getaway? You can go to The Bahamas, enjoy the summer heat in Miami, or take a boat on the famous canal in Amsterdam. It’s your choice, t-mates!

Take A Summer Vacation This Year!

You have worked hard all this time. Now, it is the time to relax. Take a summer vacation to relieve stress! 

Whether you’re thinking of going to the beach, to the national park, or just want to explore new destinations abroad, summer vacation is a good time! To order for flights anywhere, book your ticket at

Let’s say you want to travel to Europe. What do you need to bring on a summer vacation in Europe? Make sure you know it to make your summer vacation perfect!