Free things to do in Los Angeles


5 Top Free & Fun Activities to Do in Los Angeles for Tourists

Free things to do in Los Angeles – You may have seen many Hollywood movies in your hometown. Los Angeles, California, is the home of the U.S. film industry. Visiting this glamorous city is interesting because there are many Hollywood attractions to explore. Who knows you’ll get a chance to meet your favorite actors or actresses on the road?

Fortunately, there are plenty of things to do in Los Angeles. This city has everything from skyscrapers, mountains, beaches to shopping malls. To know more information about what you can do in L.A., let’s check our list below!

Free Things to Do in Los Angeles

1. Griffith Observatory

Free things to do in Los Angeles

This iconic building is 1,134 feet above sea level. You may have recognized this building because it comes out in many famous movies such as The Terminator and Charlie’s Angels: Full of Throttle.

At this building, you can see spectacular views of Los Angeles. Look through the telescopes and see beautiful stars at night. This is a romantic place to go with your significant other. More importantly, you can also see the Hollywood sign clearly from there!

Besides stargazing, there are regular events held at Griffith Observatory such as sunset walk or talk events. To know more about what you can do in Griffith Observatory, take a look here

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Free things to do in Los Angeles

Find your favorite star at The Hollywood Walk of Fame! This is the place where you can see five pointed terrazzo and brass stars with coral-pink color embedded in the sidewalks. These stars are permanent, bearing the names of famous musicians, actors, producers.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a popular tourist destination and the place you should go because it is totally free! Take a lot of pictures and have some fun there! 

3. Rodeo Drive

Free things to do in Los Angeles

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is famous for its luxury boutiques and designer shops. Wealthy people – including celebrities – love to come to Rodeo Drive to shop. It doesn’t cost anything to come to Rodeo Drive, do window-shopping and take some pictures! If you are lucky, you will get a chance to meet famous actors there.

At the Rodeo Drive, you may see many tourists pose in front of fancy cars. You can do that too or take pictures in front of the Rodeo Drive or the Beverly Hills sign. Post it on your social media and share it with your friends!

4. Santa Monica Pier and Beach

Santa Monica Pier and Beach is a great place to visit with your family. The place is open year-round. Talk a walk on Third Street Promenade and shop at luxury stores and boutique shops. There are some shows on the street that can entertain you!

At the main street, you will find cafes, bookstores and restaurants. Relax and enjoy your time there. If you get bored, you can explore Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. Bring your kids with you because they will love it!

5. The Getty Center

Inside the Getty Center, you can see impressive architecture and art collections which include pre-20th century European paintings and exhibitions. Getty Center was designed by winning architect Richard Meier. This museum is free of charge for general public!

The Getty Museum occupies 750 acres of land, located at Santa Monica Mountain foothills. The place is family friendly. There is a big park inside where you can sit down and relax.

Done with Los Angeles? It’s Time to Explore Other Cities in the U.S.

Are you looking for other destinations to explore besides Los Angeles? Plan a trip to Las Vegas or San Francisco! Las Vegas is known as a gambling city. It is an interesting city to visit, especially for those of you who love the nightlife because many places are open 24 hours. 

If you are looking for great cuisine and shopping experience, San Francisco can be a good choice. Book your flight and accommodation via Make sure to check out for the latest deals so you can save your money!