Visa 101: Everything You Need to Know About Visa

Type of Visa – What is a visa? Some of you are probably familiar with it. But for those of you who still don’t know what visa is, will tell everything you need to know about this important travel document.

In short, visa is a document which can be stamped inside a passport or can be in the form of e-visa as well. The official document is needed to be able to enter a specific country. There are various types of visas according to its purposes. Let’s dig into more details below.

Know the Different Types of Visas 

In this article, will explain the difference of various visas. Make sure you know the information, so you don’t have to worry about planning your next trip to anywhere in the world! 

1. Travel/ Tourist Visa


This is a type of visa that you all may already know, especially if you love to go on a vacay overseas. If you’re Indonesian, you may need a visa to visit other countries, although some countries also don’t require you to apply for a visa.

Basically, a tourist visa is needed for someone who wants to enter a country for holiday purposes. The visa doesn’t allow you to work in the country, involved in any business activities or stay longer than listed in the document.

Tourist Visa can either be stamped or glued into your passport. However, it can also be given by the embassy in the form of an e-visa.

2. Business Visa

A business visa allows foreign investors to do business activities in a country. This can include attending a conference, setting up a new business, or staying for a specific period of time. There are many countries that provide business visa for foreigners. Usually, this type of visa is provided because the country believes that the business activities conducted by the foreigners can help to jack up the country’s economy.

3. Work/ Employment Visa

For someone who wants to work in another country, he or she can apply for a work or employment visa. There are many reasons why people want to apply for such a visa. It can be because they want to live abroad, close with their loved ones, or probably because they get the opportunity to earn a higher salary.

All countries have some specific requirements that allow a person to be given the work or employment visa. A person can obtain this type of visa if he or she has secured a job in a company in a foreign country.

4. Student Visa


If you want to study overseas, there is a requirement to get a student visa. This is a must because this documentation will allow you to study and stay in a foreign country for a specific period. The requirement for student visa includes proof of financial means, a background check and many more.

5. Working Holiday Visa

This is a residence permit allowing people to undertake employment in a certain country. For example, Australia give a chance for people aged 18-30 to go on a vacation to the country for up to 12 months. In order for you to be able to supplement the cost of your holiday, you can do a temporary or casual job there.

6. Refugee/ Asylum Visa

This type of visa can be granted to people fleeing war, natural disasters or other situations in which their life is at risk.

7. Immigrant Vs. Non-immigrant Visas

Travel visa can be separated into two categories, namely immigrant and non-immigrant. The difference is that immigrant visas allow an individual for an entry permanently to the host country, whereas non-immigrant visa allow the entry into the host country on a temporary basis.

All About Visa that You Need to Know

It is important to know different types of visas and prepare the document if a certain country requires you to have one. Otherwise, a problem could occur as you’ll be denied an entry at the border. As a result, your trip will be ruined. 

After you know the information about the visa, let’s plan a trip to anywhere in the world. You can book your flight using, a leading Indonesia’s online travel agent! Plan your holiday now with your loved ones 😉