Easy Steps to Get Worry-Free from tiket.com!

So we previously have talked about why you have to use Worry-Free at tiket.com, now we’re going to tell you the simplest way to get this, t-mates!

Easy-peasy, nothing much but your favorite gadget and internet connection. You’re all set! Now let’s throw away your worries because you can find the solution with tiket.com!

How to Get Worry-Free Ticket?

Worry-Free is a 100% refund guarantee* of the ticket price that you pay at tiket.com That way, you don’t have to worry anymore about whether or not you’re going on a vacay. Just purchase your flight ticket first, if you change your mind, then tiket.com will give a full refund for you! Ok, ok. We know you’re curious enough, find out the steps below.

1. Open tiket.com App

First things first, make sure you have the tiket.com app. Don’t have it yet? No worries, simply install the app for free! Depends on what gadget you will be using, you can download the app via Google Play or App Store. You need to have the app because Worry-Free is available only on the app.

To top it all, you’re also entitled to get TIX Points for every purchase of flight ticket! All you need to do is login on the app and exchange the points with various interesting offers. Trust us, installing the app will give you loads of benefits, so install now 😉

2. Book Flight Ticket

If you have the tiket.com app ready on your smartphone, now let’s start on booking your flight ticket! Worry-Free is available for all domestic routes across Indonesia.

On the app, select “Flight”. Then you may choose the destination, departure date, number of passengers, and cabin class. Done? Alright, click “Search Flights”.

3. Activate Worry-Free

On the search result page, you’ll find a button to activate Worry-Free. Click on the toggle to activate and upgrade the flight tickets become Worry-Free tickets. Then voila! You can continue to the flight booking process as you usually do.

Besides that, there are various payment methods that you can choose at tiket.com! Be it credit card/debit card, virtual account, instant payment, ATM transfer, or at the convenience store such as Alfamart and Indomaret, you name it. Choose your preferred payment method freely!

How to Get a Refund with Worry-Free

After you’ve finalized the payment of your flight ticket and received the e-ticket, suddenly something comes up. Perhaps you change your mind or you need to cancel the flight. How about your ticket, then? Here’s the benefit of using Worry-Free, t-mates!

No need to worry with Worry-Free, you can easily get a full refund, but please take notes on these essential points as follows:

  • The refund process of Worry-Free applies the same as the general refund process.
  • In order to get 100% refund of the flight ticket price, you must do the refund process 4 (four) hours upon departure.
  • If you do the refund less than 4 (four) hours before departure, you’ll get less than 100% refund.

With Worry-Free, leave all your worries about the flight tickets you’ve purchased. Are you still going? Great! Need to cancel? Easy! This 100% refund guarantee of the ticket price will surely make you buy the flight tickets to anywhere you want, unhesitantly!

For the complete information, you can go directly to Worry-Free page. Now that tiket.com provides you everything you need easily, what else are you waiting for? Let’s fly somewhere nice by booking flight ticket at tiket.com!


*Terms and Conditions Apply