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Malang Series: An Ancient Adventure in Dino Park

Who doesn’t know Jurassic Park? The film tells about the existence of dinosaurs a long time ago. Just like that movie, there is a theme park in Batu, Malang, with the dinosaur theme which is called Jatim Park 3 or Dino Park. Curious to know what’s inside the park? tiket.com will tell you below!

About the Dino Park

For t-mates who have been to Jatim Park, you may be familiar that there are Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2 and Jatim Park 3. Dino Park was inaugurated on 24 November 2017. The park is located at Jalan Raya Insinyur Soekarno, No 144, Batu, East Java. Since it was opened, the park has become a popular place visited by local tourists from Malang and overseas.

The Dino Park entrance ticket is 75,000 IDR* on weekdays and 100,000 IDR* on weekends for one person. There is also a package of 120,000 IDR for ticket to enter other theme parks inside Jatim Park 3 such as Fun Tech Plaza, The Legend Star Park, Museum Musik Dunia, The House of Zombie and Infinite World. There are many interesting theme parks around Jatim Park 3.

See the Amazing Fossils in the Dino Museum

Shortly after passing the entrance, the first thing you’ll find is large-sized Dino fossils that look real. There are many dinosaurs ranging from Triceratops to Tyranosaurus, or commonly known as T-Rex.

Still in the same area, t-mates can also see various arrangements of large dinosaur fossils. On each replica, you will find information boards that explain dinosaur species and their lives in ancient times. You can get a lot of knowledge here, t-mates!

Get on This Ride, Get to Know the Dinosaur Age 

In addition to the Dinosaur Museum, you can get more information about Dinosaurs at the “5 Age of Exploration ride”. What is it? Here, you will board a large train with a capacity of up to 48 people. You’ll explore different dinosaur eras. 

You will see a short film about the history of these ancient animals from the very beginning until the extinction. Then, the train will go through 5 dinosaurs eras from Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous to Ice Age. You will see different species of dinosaurs that live in that era. Listen to the explanation along the way.

One of the interesting times is the Ice Age when the earth is entering winter season for a long time. At that time, most of the ancient animals that lived had thick fur to survive the cold temperatures.

You will find a variety of species of thick furry animals that live in the ice age along the journey. Starting from the ancestors of elephants called Mammoth with large ivory and thick fur to Saber Tooth Tiger. The atmosphere in this era is decorated with ice stone walls and cold winds that can be  felt by visitors.

Hungry? Time to Fill in Your Stomatch 

Now is the time you rest and fill your empty stomach. There is a food court area in the Dino Park. Various kinds of food and drinks are sold here at affordable prices.

The design of the food court was also using the ancient times theme with strong wood material. The tables and chairs are also made of wood material. The shops are decorated with large white stones in the front.

Middle Eastern themed in Dinotopia

Dino Park

Now, let’s continue the journey around Dino Park. The next area that is not too far from the food court is Dinotapia. Here, you will find a variety of dinosaur statues with the Middle East nuances. There is a large palace with tall pillars, warriors and dinosaurs!

Just a few steps away, t-mates will find a beautiful fountain. There are several Middle East style bulding and green grasses that make the area beautiful. On the fountain, you can see several golden lion statues that emits water into a golden cauldron.

There are many Instagrammable spots that you can find there. One of them is dinousaur with a chess table. You can take photos as if you were playing chess together with a dinosaur. It’s unique, isn’t it?

Play All the Dinousaurs-Themed Ride!

When you’re in Dino Park, you must play the ride. There are many rides suitable for family and friends. One of them is Dino Cart, a bumper car game. The car is decorated with dinosaur murals, so cool!

If you want to relax, try the Istana Boneka Family Fun Rides. Board the train with a capacity up to 6 passengers. Throughout the game, you will see various displays of dinosaurs with different themes. It’s a good place to relax!

Dino Park

If you want to get on a ride that stimulates adrenaline, you should visit the Dino Action Naga Cloning. In this ride, you will again ride a train that will take you to see various dinosaurs. Unlike the previous ride, this ride is quite scary since it feels like the dinosaurs are taking over the human world.

After going around, the train will begin with a steep incline. After reaching the top, the train will speed down quickly. Yes, you’ll get wet! It’s going to be super fun, t-mates!

Hunting for Dinosaur Souvenirs

Dino Park

You’ve seen what’s inside Dino Park, t-mates! Now, it is the time to buy souvenirs for your loved ones. You can find many products ranging from dinosaur clothes, dolls, or typical traditional snacks from Malang.

Let’s go to Dino Park!

Exploring Dino Park must be exciting, right? You can learn about dinosaurs and experience the fun rides inside. Besides Dino Park, there are famous attractions in Batu, Malang, such as Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2, and Batu Night Spectacular. There is also a museum that can give you the feeling as if you’re traveling the world in a day, which is called Museum Angkut.

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