All You Can Eat Restaurants Jakarta


Top 8 All You Can Eat Restaurants in Jakarta That Are Totally Worth It

All You Can Eat Restaurants in Jakarta – t-mates, you may often hear the word “All You Can Eat”. In Jakarta, there are many All You Can Eat restaurants. Yes, eating in this type of restaurant can make you feel satisfied, especially if all of the menu selections are good.

In this metropolitan city, you can find Japanese All You Can Eat Restaurants, Italian, or even Brazilian restaurants. Eating in this type of restaurants are nice if you like to eat a lot and love bargains. Since you only need to pay for a specific amount of money to eat as much as you want!

Looking for a reference of where to find All You Can Eat restaurants in Jakarta? have made 8 top recommendations for you! Take a look!

1. Tucano’s Churrascaria

The first All You Can Eat restaurant you can go to is Tucano’s Churrascaria, located at Pavilion Retail Arcade, Sudirman. This is a Brazilian BBQ restaurant, t-mates! With the fancy interior and nice design, it is very comfortable to eat at the restaurant while enjoying the ambiance.

All You Can Eat Restaurant Jakarta

Some of the popular dishes are lamb meat, chicken, sausage and beef. When you come to this restaurant, you’ll be given three signs that look like big coins with three different colors. The green sign means asking for additional meat; yellow sign means you’re asking for more pineapple; and the red sign means you want to stop for a moment.

With around Rp 500,000, you can get a buffet for two people and enjoy all kinds of menu inside the restaurant. Wanna try?

2. Gyu-Kaku

All You Can Eat Restaurants Jakarta

For meat lovers, Gyu-Kaku is a restaurant you should consider for lunch or dinner once in a while! This Japanese BBQ has fresh meat menu that you can choose and grill by yourself. There are also some specialty sauces that can make the food become tastier.

By paying Rp 238,000 before tax, you can get the standard buffet. For child or senior, the buffet price is cheaper at Rp 158,000. Taste the grilled meat wrapped in the fresh vegetable, very delicious! Don’t forget to order the milk pudding, t-mates!

3. Pronto

If you like Italian food and you feel hungry, try to eat at the Italian All You Can Eat restaurant called Pronto. The restaurant is situated at Pondok Indah Mall 1, Jakarta. With about Rp 150,000 per person, you can have the buffet.

Moreover, some of the favorite menu here is Pepperoni Pizza, ribs, fish fillet, pasta and many more. Come and try it yourself.

4. Pare’Gu

Do you know that Pare’Gu is the pioneer of All You Can Eat restaurants in Jakarta? Just like in other All You Can Eat restaurants, you can enjoy the meat-based dishes, vegetables and many more. With the price of less than Rp 200,000 you can enjoy the buffet.

5. Shabu Hachi

Shabu Hachi

Check out Shabu Hachi restaurant if you like hotpot. Here, you can choose a variety of menus and packages that are delicious. There are meat menu, seafood, chicken, and some complementary foods such as takoyaki, dorayaki, salads, ice cream, pudding and so on

Shabu Hachi outlets are located in many places, including in Cilandak, Bintaro, Lebak Bulus, Pondok Aren. With a budget of less than Rp 200,000, you can enjoy a buffet here.

6. Golden Sense

Unlike the previous All You Can Eat restaurants we have explained above, this restaurant serves Chinese Foods. Here you can find Dim Sum and other Chinese food varieties.

The restaurant is located at Mangga Dua Square, Lt. 5, Jl. Gunung Sahari No. 1, Jakarta. The Chinese food is very delicious. With about Rp 150,000, eat what you want and enjoy the nice ambiance!

7. Caza Suki

This All You Can Eat Restaurant offer grill or shabu options. With varied menu of meat and fresh vegetables, you can enjoy the dishes as much as you want. For the dessert menu, Caza Suki provides pudding, fruit salad, various fried foods and snacks.

Actually in this restaurant, you can also order Ala-Carte menu if you can’t eat that much. For All You Can Eat, the price per person is about Rp 200,000. The restaurant has two locations, one in Blok M and the other at Oria Hotel, Menteng.

8. Onokabe

Onokabe serves complete menu selections with affordable price. Starting from the appetizer, main courses, desserts; you must try everything. The dessert choices include chocolate cake, crepes, dim sum, and popcorn.

If you are interested to eat at Onakabe, you can come to Pluit Junction, ground floor or Alam Sutera Town Center. The price of one adult is less than Rp 150,000 before tax.

8 All You Can Eat Restaurants in Jakarta You Must Visit

There are many All You Can Eat Restaurants in Jakarta that offer delicious foods for t-mates. Depending on which kind of cuisine do you prefer, and your budget, you can go to either one of the restaurants that had been mentioned above.

Jakarta has so much to offer! Besides its delicious main courses, do you know that there are also delicious spicy foods in Jakarta? Interested to explore Jakarta? Buy a train ticket only at