Chinese New Year


7 Chinese New Year Traditions from Various Cities in Indonesia

Chinese New Year – Chinese New Year is a national holiday in Indonesia. On that day, the Chinese community can gather and celebrate together with their families. Chinese New Year is always celebrated on the first day of the Chinese calendar. When viewed from the Gregorian calendar, Chinese New Year usually falls between January or February.

How is the Chinese New Year Traditions in Indonesia?

One of the most popular traditions in Chinese New Year is giving red envelopes or better known as “angpao” in Indonesia. Well, are there other unique Chinese New Year Traditions in several cities in Indonesia? Without further ado, let’s see how Chinese New Year is celebrated in several cities in Indonesia.

1. Jakarta

In addition to the tradition of liong and barongsai performances, the Chinese New Year is celebrated quite uniquely in Jakarta. This tradition called Patekoan that has been carried out from time to time and is usually held around the Glodok area, West Jakarta. This tradition presents tea for free which can be drunk by all people who are passing by.

Chinese New Year

This tradition was originally started by a Chinese captain named Gan Djie. He and his wife were very generous. In their time, it is quite difficult to be able to get clean water, thus Djie and his wife provide tea that can be drunk by traveling merchants, laborers, and anyone who passes.

2. Semarang

Semawis Market in Semarang City is very famous for the nickname of Semarang Chinatown. This place is one of the options for celebrating Chinese New Year in Semarang. If you are a culinary lover, you must come to this area because here a culinary festival will be held that can spoil your tongue and stomach.

Chinese New Year

Here you can try some delicious foods such as kue keranjang, bakpao, cakwe, and some kinds of noodles. In addition, you can also taste typical foods such as nasi ayam, nasi gudeg, sate, bakmi jawa, es puter, and so on. Surely in this place you can find a new menu that you have never tried before.

3. Solo

In Solo City there is a unique tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year. This tradition is called Grebeg Sudiro. This celebration is generally held seven days before the Chinese New Year. This celebration was also used as a symbol of strong tolerance between Chinese and Javanese in a warm and lively event.

Chinese New Year

This event is usually held in Pasar Gede, Solo City. This place will turn into a sea of people where thousands of visitors come to flood the area. They came from various regions to participate in enlivening the Grebeg Sudiro celebration.

4. Riau

Playing with water is a fun activity. Well interestingly, every Chinese New Year you can be part of the excitement of the Water War Festival held in Selatpanjang, Riau to welcome the Chinese New Year. This water war has become a hereditary tradition of the Chinese community in Riau.

Chinese New Year

The event was held by splashing water between residents of the city along the road in Meranti Islands Regency, which is the youngest district in Riau. The place is crowded with at least 40% of Chinese. All equipment for water war will be prepared starting from water pistols, dipper, buckets, plastic bags, and so on.

5. Singkawang

One of the unique traditions carried out by the residents of Singkawang in welcoming the Chinese New Year celebration is the tatung parade. Every year, more than 500 tatung are marching while showing their powers. For those of you who don’t know, tatung is a human figure who is believed to be possessed by a god spirit.

Chinese New Year

This parade begins with a ceremony held in a monastery. The ceremony is led by a spiritual expert or priest. The priest will summon and invite the spirit of the god to possess the tatung after giving offerings to Tua Pe Kong, the god of welfare.

6. Yogyakarta

Not much different from the city of Solo, Yogyakarta also enlivened the Chinese New Year by holding a cultural weekend. Every year, the Yogyakarta Chinese Culture Week is one of the most anticipated event. In every “Chinatown” alley in the Kendanan Malioboro, it will be transformed into a night market, just like in China.

Chinese New Year

Every year, residents of Yogyakarta always come this event to be able to watch various attractions and exciting activities that is held in this cultural week. They are also curious about how the tradition of New Year’s celebrations in China.

7. Lombok

On every 1st and 15th of the Chinese Lunar calendar, most Tri Dharma people come to visit Po Hwa Kong Temple to pray for fortune and other goodness. In addition, a number of residents also helped to decorate and clean this temple every time the Chinese New Year commemorated.

Chinese New Year

Inside this temple there are 12 altars with each god’s name. The main god here is Tan Fu Cen Yen. Some stories say that he had the task of the King of Bali to build a palace in just three months. He is able to complete within the specified time period.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Goodness

In addition to the traditions mentioned above, the Chinese New Year is also usually celebrated with a number of other activities. Some other Chinese traditions such as cleaning the house, eating typical Chinese food, firecrackers and fireworks, and so on.

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