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Chinese New Year Holidays, Here Are The Recommendations Country You Can Visit

Chinese New Year Holidays 2019 – In welcoming this 2019 Chinese New Year, of course there are a number of habits carried out before the D-day arrives. For you who celebrate, what do you and your family usually do to welcome the Chinese New Year every year?

According to the Chinese calendar, 2019 will be the year of the Pig Land. The Year of the Pig Land itself is believed to be a great year in a financial perspective. In fact, according to Chinese forecasting, this year is also the year of love and friendship for the other twelve Shio.

Well, talking about Chinese New Year, it’s incomplete if you don’t go for a holiday. Given that the Chinese New Year is included in the list of national holidays, it’s more fun if we go on holidays with family.

Especially for you, whether both celebrate the Chinese New Year or not, there are 7 country recommendations to celebrate the Chinese New Year Holidays 2019 which are very lively. So, you can plan this Chinese New Year holidays 2019 from far away with your extended family. Here is a list of countries that you can visit to celebrate the Chinese New Year holidays 2019.

Chinese New Year Holidays 2019, Different Countries with Different Atmosphere

Even though you can do Chinese New Year holidays 2019 in the country and stay in touch with relatives. But there’s nothing wrong with it, to celebrate also in another country with a different atmosphere. By celebrating Chinese New Year holidays 2019 in other countries, you will have a new experience to experience the country’s unique Chinese holiday moments.

Besides the main countries that celebrate Chinese New Year, these countries also enliven the Chinese New Year. Can be your 2019 Lunar vacation destination together with a big family!

  1. Hong Kong

HongKong is one of the Chinese New Year holidays 2019 destinations that have the highest demand. This is indeed because Hong Kong is one of the central ethnic Chinese countries. So, it’s no wonder that this country is a destination country to celebrate Chinese New Year holidays 2019 tourists from various countries.

At the celebration of the Chinese New Year, Hong Kong will present many celebrations in the form of welcoming the big day for the Chinese ethnic. You can even feel the Chinese atmosphere from 12 days before the Chinese New Year arrives. Don’t miss welcoming events such as parades, fireworks, and ornaments that are identical to Chinese New Year are installed in all corners of the city.

  1. Thailand

The second destination country to celebrate the 2019 Chinese New Year is Thailand. In this country, it will usually be enlivened with lively Chinese New Year festivals. You can visit several cities that are recorded celebrating this Chinese New Year celebration. Not only the atmosphere that depicts Chinese New Year, but you will also see booths full of typical Chinese knick-knacks.

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The Chinese New Year celebration, organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand with the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, will also present a variety of Chinese specialties that you can taste.

  1. Singapore

Singapore is one of the country that has a variety of ethnicities including Chinese. For this reason, every year Singapore will celebrate Chinese New Year with great fanfare. Chinatown is the main area that will feature many distinctive Chinese ornaments in order to welcome this big day.

Making Singapore a Chinese New Year holidays 2019 destination with your family, can be the best option if you don’t want to travel too far from Indonesia.

  1. Taiwan

Besides Hong Kong, Taiwan is also a core country of ethnic Tionghoa. Therefore, making Taiwan as the destination country for Chinese New Year holidays 2019 will be like a moment to return home. Being a big country celebrating Chinese New Year, it’s no wonder that the Chinese New Year reception will take place lively. You will see the excitement of Chinese New Year celebrations, especially in Taipei, because there will be a fascinating Pingxi Sky Lantern festival.

  1. Indonesia

Although Chinese ethnicity is not the main ethnicity in Indonesia, the festive Chinese New Year celebration is also especially felt in big cities. Usually, to welcome Chinese New Year celebrations in Indonesia, Chinese-style ornaments will be seen in various corners of the city. Starting from the shopping center to the big streets.

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Even when Chinese New Year is usually held festivals such as Barongsai or Liong dances which are held at Chinese New Year celebrations in the Mall or even on special occasions.

  1. Sydney, Australia

Liburan Imlek 2019 - Sydney

Australia can be a Chinese New Year holidays 2019 destination that you choose to celebrate Chinese New Year with a different atmosphere. Because, Chinatown in Sydney, The Chinese Garden of Friendship will hold a very festive festival in welcoming the Chinese New Year. Not only lanterns are installed along the road, but also will be held Barongsai parade, a culinary festival with a typical Chinese menu, to the installation of lively fireworks.

  1. South Korea

Liburan Imlek 2019 - Korea Selatan

Different from other countries, Chinese New Year celebrations in South Korea are known as Seollal. This Chinese New Year celebration tradition will be held for 3 continuous days. Starting from 1 day before the celebration, the D-day, and the day after Seollal. The moment of Seollal in South Korea is the most important moment for the people of South Korea, because at this moment they will use it to return home and gather with a large family.

Well, from 7 country recommendations to celebrate Chinese New Year, which country will you visit and spend vacation time with your beloved family? Don’t forget to order flight tickets at to deliver you to the countries you are going to go to. Read Travel Tips with Parents, for those of you who will invite your parents on vacation later.